Freeway- The Intermission

Freeway proves that perception is not reality; Reality is reality. He remains one of the very few MC’s who has been buried, hailed, buried again, and resurrected in the court of public opinion without ever changing his formula, or really doing anything but trying to improve. He was on a major label, dumped into undergroundContinue reading “Freeway- The Intermission”

Mod Sun – Blazed By The Bell

On his website, Mod Sun describes his music as “putting the feeling of being happy to sound”. To dispute this would be incredibly difficult, since more than enough evidence exists to support the premise on his new mixtape, Blazed by the Bell (intro by the real Mr. Belding). As “Get Up” begins and the samplesContinue reading “Mod Sun – Blazed By The Bell”

Killa Kyleon – Candy Paint And Texas Plates 2

On Candy Paint & Texas Plates 2, Killa Kyleon feels like the fully engineered product of the unchanging Houston MC matrix. There is no Kid Cudi in Houston.  The city and the state of Texas in general, have no time for nihilistic depression or meandering introspection. To be a Houston rapper is to grind. SoContinue reading “Killa Kyleon – Candy Paint And Texas Plates 2”