Most Valuable Player of 2011: Fiend

Critical evaluation goes wrong when the critic uses the certainty that what he doesn’t cover isn’t important to insulate himself from what he doesn’t already know or hasn’t heard. The artists that the critic likes are important because the critic likes that artist. An analogy could be made of Sports writers: when an underdog beatsContinue reading “Most Valuable Player of 2011: Fiend”

Freddie Gibbs – A Cold Day In Hell

Freddie Gibbs new A Cold Day in Hell mixtape is a very important step in his development. Everyone who is new gets a lot of “savior” buzz, and Gibbs has been no exception. He was supposed to be the savior of gangsta rap, but on previous outings like Str8 Killa, his speedbag cadence and monotoneContinue reading “Freddie Gibbs – A Cold Day In Hell”