John Brown- Burbs Life Music

It’s very hard to embarrass Hip Hop culture at this point; even Disco never had so many shameful low points. Hamsters in baggy clothes and sideways hats driving cars, The House Party sequels, a slew of horrid reality shows. Hip hop was destined to be a culture that was exploited; its uniqueness made it theContinue reading “John Brown- Burbs Life Music”

Yung Joey – The 6th Man

Yung Joey- The 6th Man.               Over the last few years, Gucci Mane’s Brick Squad Monopoly has expanded faster than urban blight in the American Midwest. BSM is so massive that at this point the weed carriers have weed carriers, who in turn have intern weed carriers. It’s weird and sometimes exciting and evenContinue reading “Yung Joey – The 6th Man”