Stalley – Savage Journey To the American Dream

Ever since Savage Journey To the American Dream dropped on March 30th, I’ve been walking around telling people about Stalley, the normal guy from Ohio who raps about being normal and driving around, who got picked up by the Maybach Music Group. This mixtape is his first full project post-Ross influence. It establishes a fewContinue reading “Stalley – Savage Journey To the American Dream”

Young Moe – Humble Hustle (2012)

One of the few archetypes that has not been beaten to death in gangster Rap is the “Everyman” – if only because no one really wants to be one. Gangster Rap has always thrived on the idea of the invincible villain that would let no man, woman or child stand in his way to riches.Continue reading “Young Moe – Humble Hustle (2012)”