Upon Further Examination—The HoustonReport

Upon Further Examination—The HoustonReport by Dan-O Any time all the artists from one region start releasing material claiming to bring their region back…the region is not doing well. A lot of time it’s a harmless device to show the MC as a Neo/Luke Skywalker figure. When everyone starts doing it you know it’s something more.Continue reading “Upon Further Examination—The HoustonReport”

songs of the year-Turnbuckle Music


Smoke Dza featuring Action Bronson-Turnbuckle Music

I’m not sure what I love more, the deadpan Action Bronson first line “Once again this the quintessential stud muffin” or the fact that at some point in the process of making the years best pro-wrestling inspired song Smoke Dza and Bronson agreed that they REALLY needed a nonsensical reggae intro/outro to complete this song. The thick, muddy groaning Harry Fraud beat, the Run-Dmc style back and forth chorus, Marty Janetty reference, it doesn’t get much better. This is track nine off of Smoke Dza’s Rugby Thompson album which is full of excitement. If you ran into me I’ve told you about it.

Problem-Welcome To Mollywood 2

by Dan-O Few artists have put the screws to me the way Problem has. He was supposed to be THE Cali Trap Rapper, which really didn’t work out. Problem started popping up on everyone’s track to drop fantastic hooks, and good guest verses. While asking people about him, explaining that I might give him aContinue reading “Problem-Welcome To Mollywood 2”

Joey Bada$$-1999

by Dan-O The day before I heard the debut Joey Bada$$ mixtape 1999 I was in Wal-mart talking about how staggeringly important Illmatic is. Not just that it’s a classic album but that a teenage street kid can go from unknown to burning lyrical imprints upon generations of listeners. For those that think of rapContinue reading “Joey Bada$$-1999”

Chance The Rapper-10 day

Chance The Rapper by Dan-O Chicago never seems to make headlines the right way. Now that the murder rate is trending at 38% higher than last year and Chief Keef is gleefully symbolizing it, the spotlight is back. The Chicago drill scene isdeep with catchy hooks about street code, Young Chop beats, and gun shotContinue reading “Chance The Rapper-10 day”