Songs of the Year-Invisible Girl by T-Pain

Songs of the Year-Invisible Girl by T-Pain by Dan-O I’ve accepted the terms of my relationship to T-Pain. His albums are going to be mediocre to bad; on those albums will be placed two, three or more outstanding songs. Of those one will be a titanic smash for me that I could take time offContinue reading “Songs of the Year-Invisible Girl by T-Pain”

Freddie Gibbs #BFK mixtape review

Freddie Gibbs #BFK mixtape review by Dan-O On a handful of occasions I’ve closed my eyes and listened to a Freddie Gibbs verse as if I was listening to the next Kool G Rap. Someone who would redefine tough talk for a new generation; that’s a great vision but G Rap never had to refineContinue reading “Freddie Gibbs #BFK mixtape review”

Songs of the Year-Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean

Songs of the Year-Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean by Dan-O Do you know how much I love this song? I despise this movie with a passion that has made me unpopular. I don’t even like Odd Future. When you hear the organ, the heart felt delivery of each word, the unique perspective it’s written from,Continue reading “Songs of the Year-Forrest Gump by Frank Ocean”

The WHOevers-R​edtape review

The WHOevers-R​edtape review by Dan-O My biggest fascination with The Whoevers-Redtape might be the theme. The cover is red with the iconic picture of Dr. J and Larry Bird in their famous 80’s choke pose. The first track (Walk These Dogs-Voodoo) uses Celtics legend and courtside homer Tommy Heinsohn along with his robot commentating partner forContinue reading “The WHOevers-R​edtape review”

Songs of the Absurd-Rice Out by Riff Raff

Songs of the Absurd-Rice Out by Riff Raff by Dan-O Riff Raff is indefensibly ridiculous. He might be a mockery of mockeries. His delivery is slow and painful, the beat is a trashy Pitbull reject. With all of that in the con column, after listening to this I dare you to get the chorus “Girl,Continue reading “Songs of the Absurd-Rice Out by Riff Raff”

Troy Ave-Bricks in My Backpack 3:The Harry Powder Trilogy review

Troy Ave-Bricks in my Backpack 3:The Harry Powder Trilogy review  by Dan-O I think cocaine is much more symbolic in hip hop than people give credit. Everyone knows the literal impression that coke leaves on impoverished neighborhoods (at least you think you know cause you saw that documentary). Don’t  forget that hip hop grew upContinue reading “Troy Ave-Bricks in My Backpack 3:The Harry Powder Trilogy review”

Songs of the Year-I’m Loaded by Droop-E featuring E-40

I’m Loaded Droop-E featuring E-40-I’m Loaded by Dan-O Sade samples are standard in hip hop, who wouldn’t want a soothing female voice looped into your beat? The problem with most Sade tributes is that everyone feels shackled to the Sade vibe. Droop-E is E-40’s son and an incredibly astute producer (not a great rapper) whoContinue reading “Songs of the Year-I’m Loaded by Droop-E featuring E-40”

ST 2 Lettaz-R.E​.B.E.L. review

ST 2 Lettaz-R.E​.B.E.L. review by Dan-O When news broke of Alabama’s most prominent group, G-Side, splitting up the underground hip hop community let out a collective AWWWWW. This always happens to groups, the internet starts to buzz as to why. Everyone starts feeling betrayed while forgetting to celebrate the journey. G-Side formed in 1999 andContinue reading “ST 2 Lettaz-R.E​.B.E.L. review”