Snow Tha Product-GN​BM Mixtape Review

Snow Tha Product-GN​BM Mixtape Review by Dan-O The task of being a female MC can seem insurmountable. If you are not sexy enough, no one cares about you. If you are too sexy, you are setting a bad example for the children and for society. The female MC not only has to be ill enoughContinue reading “Snow Tha Product-GN​BM Mixtape Review”

Songs of the Year-Life by Philthy Rich featuring Scarface&Allen Anthony

Life by Philthy Rich featuring Scarface &Allen Anthony by Dan-O This track is off of Philthy Rich’s exclusive Not Enough Real N#$%%’s Left mixtape. P. Rich has a pretty chunky flow that can make for hard listening (like walking through mud). Allen Anthony handles the hook and Philthy Rich learns the lesson Jay-z didContinue reading “Songs of the Year-Life by Philthy Rich featuring Scarface&Allen Anthony”

Niko Is-Chill Cosby mixtape review

Niko Is-Chill Cosby mixtape review by Dan-O(with strong assist from D.L.) Once I saw the phrase “Rio de Janeiro-born, Florida-based emcee” used to describe Niko Is on DJ I knew that I had to hear his new mixtape, Chill Cosby. I did some backtracking and after listening found his Chill Nye mixtape from FebruaryContinue reading “Niko Is-Chill Cosby mixtape review”

Song of the year-Book of Soul by Ab-Soul

Song of the year-Book of Soul by Ab-Soul by Dan-O When I was deployed to assist an infantry training unit in the early 2000’s the Nas v. Jay debate was at its literal height. Stillmatic had just dropped and Blueprint had already changed the way beats were made. The entire platoon broke in half andContinue reading “Song of the year-Book of Soul by Ab-Soul”

French Montana-Ma​c & Cheese 3 mixtape review

French Montana-Ma​c & Cheese 3 mixtape review  by Dan-O French Montana’s new mixtape Mac & Cheese 3 might be the most aptly named tape of the year. It’s cheap, digestible, and enjoyable even, but not at all your best food possibility (in a financial boon).  Montana makes the best case for guilty pleasure an artistContinue reading “French Montana-Ma​c & Cheese 3 mixtape review”

Songs of the year-Mean by Rain

Songs of the year-Mean by Rain  by Dan-O The song title is the perfect answer to the question “What changed from Magic Hour 2 to 3?” Rain is Mean on damn near every track on Magic Hour 3 and the beats race to keep up with him throughout. He produced this one himself and regardlessContinue reading “Songs of the year-Mean by Rain”

I-20 The Intermissi​on mixtape review

I-20 The Intermissi​on mixtape review by Dan-O A survey was done in my high school (the reason no one knows) and the female students all voted humor as the most attractive trait in a romantic companion. I was young and snickering, thinking “These football players ain’t that funny.” Some of our accepted opinions are aContinue reading “I-20 The Intermissi​on mixtape review”

Songs of the Year-Praying Man by Big K.R.I.T. featuring B.B. King

Songs of the Year-Praying Man by Big K.R.I.T. featuring B.B. King by Dan-O   The same core of hip hop listeners who hear ignorance in all southern rappers vocal inflections respect B.B. King for the legend he is. So that group was the only group shocked by this team. K.R.I.T. has always been fearlessly southernContinue reading “Songs of the Year-Praying Man by Big K.R.I.T. featuring B.B. King”

Smoke Dza-KONY review

Smoke Dza-KONY review by Dan-O Seeing Smoke Dza live is one of my most unforgettable concert experiences. It was a few years ago and he was opening for Curren$y, Fiend and the Jet Life crew. At that time I had him pegged as a weirdo, a NY rapper with a strange southern delivery who neverContinue reading “Smoke Dza-KONY review”