Songs of the Year-Starc​h by Curly Castro featuring Has-Lo & Boogieman Dela

Starch by Curly Castro featuring Has-Lo & Boogieman Dela

by Dan-O

Did you ever wonder what the Wu-Tang would sound like if they rapped about normal things like tipping at restaurants and laundry? I think you’d get tracks like this. The same ferocity and forcefully hard lyrics, same smashingly soulful production leaving your head nodding so hard you forget what it’s about.This is off of Castro’s new mixtape Fidel and props to Curly on my favorite opening line of any verse I’ve heard so far this year. “Separate the colored and whites like Bull Connor.” It’s jarring, shocking, historically intelligent with a great laundry metaphor, Has-Lo and Boogieman Dela weave their stories together in a clever way. Songs like this make politically charged rap fun.

I couldn’t find a youtube so stream the track at hiphopdx


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