Mixtape Review-Vado- Slime Flu 4

Mixtape Review-Vado- Slime Flu 4 by Dan-O If New York hip hop is in recovery it’s a relatively joyless one. While people like Ka and Roc Marciano release great music, the popular sound of New York is the practiced and insincere NY trap of A$ap Ferg and the like. In the world of mixtapes weContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Vado- Slime Flu 4”

Song of the Year-Whist​le for My White Horse by Niko Is produced by Ryen Towers

Song of the Year-Whist​le for My White Horse by Niko Is produced by Ryen Towers From The Other Side of The Velvet Rope mixtape By Dan-O Last week a lunch time discussion about baseball turned into me doing an impression of Alex Rodriguez doing an interview where he described his comeback as the feeling aContinue reading “Song of the Year-Whist​le for My White Horse by Niko Is produced by Ryen Towers”

Mixtape Review-HBK Gang-Gang Forever

Mixtape Review-HBK Gang-Gang Forever by Dan-O I can think of a lot of things the HBK Gang compilation isn’t. It’s not a taut concept record, something that feels like an album given for free. At the same time it’s certainly not a lazy collection of freestyles. The only thing I can think to compare itContinue reading “Mixtape Review-HBK Gang-Gang Forever”

Song Review-Criket by Couleen Lagon

Song Review-Criket by Couleen Lagon by Dan-O While following all things DJ Burn One I stumbled upon a great song from Scotty’s mixtape (https://freemusicempire.com/2013/05/08/song-of-the-year-ga-dialectfeat-couleen-lagon-produced-by-dj-burn-one-and-cy-fyre/) made impressive partially by a man with a very unique voice that did the chorus. Most times you hear a genuinely bluesy voice on a rap song it’s a sample butContinue reading “Song Review-Criket by Couleen Lagon”

Mixtape Review-Stalley-Honest Cowboy

Mixtape Review-Stalley-Honest Cowboy by Dan-O Picture rap music as a classroom containing all the personalities we are familiar with. The pretty boy who writes poetry in his free time, the goon who picks a fight every few days just to feel healthy, the smart kid everyone copies off of, the trashy chick the guys pretendContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Stalley-Honest Cowboy”

Song Review-Youth N Revolt by Reese produced by Ducko

Song Review-Youth N Revolt by Reese produced by Ducko by Dan-O I can’t say I was excited about the Drill scene explosion of last year and its effect. While I was never one of the many concerned citizens seeing crime statistic symbolism in every verse, my teeth sucking came from how new everyone acted likeContinue reading “Song Review-Youth N Revolt by Reese produced by Ducko”

Phil Ade-R.O.S.E.(Result of Society’s Evil) Mixtape Review

Phil Ade-R.O.S.E.(Result of Society’s Evil) Mixtape Review by Dan-O Between R.O.S.E. and Young Moe’s Humble Hustle 2 (https://freemusicempire.com/2013/06/15/young-moe-humble-hustle-2-mixtape-review/)the DMV(Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) have a definite 2013 sound forming. Just because R.O.S.E. has a Kendrick Lamar style cover doesn’t mean all of its content exists in that off tempo Top Dawg zone. Songs like 2am (featuring Bun-B)Continue reading “Phil Ade-R.O.S.E.(Result of Society’s Evil) Mixtape Review”

SOTY-Peace Akhi by KA (AOTY The Night’s Gambit)

SOTY-Peace Akhi by KA (AOTY The Night’s Gambit) by Dan-O The reason I loved KA’s 2012 lp Grief Pedigree is that he sounded like a war worn weary ex-criminal grandfather blazing street tale after street tale through visceral poetic imagery. If Grief Pedigree is the work of a retired street soldier, The Night’s Gambit isContinue reading “SOTY-Peace Akhi by KA (AOTY The Night’s Gambit)”

D.C.C.-F_c​k A Cosign mixtape review

D.C.C.-F_c​k A Cosign mixtape review by Dan-O The depth and scope of the D.C.C. can be intimidating. Let me start with what it means, it stands for the Dallas City Council. While not the best mixtape of this year F_ck A Cosign is a post DJ Screw Texas street attack needed in this trap v.Continue reading “D.C.C.-F_c​k A Cosign mixtape review”