Song of the Year-Whist​le for My White Horse by Niko Is produced by Ryen Towers

Song of the Year-Whist​le for My White Horse by Niko Is produced by Ryen Towers

From The Other Side of The Velvet Rope mixtape

By Dan-O

Last week a lunch time discussion about baseball turned into me doing an impression of Alex Rodriguez doing an interview where he described his comeback as the feeling a unicorn gets when it runs free into a distant sunset. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. I know the look it’s the “how did he even think of that” face scrunch. It’s just how my minds wired.

Niko Is has similar wiring. I think some people must just hear scattered references, a strange voice and a bunch of silliness. In two lines he can go from tap dancing on the sun writing the rap jam of the month to Pakistan feeding a bum. He’s not a hippy rapper because his scope is too large- name another hippie rapper who name drops Dr. J and Xerxes?

It’s not the strong stable of producers providing bangers that keeps me coming back to Niko Is music (it’s a great bonus). It’s not the whistling or the weird references; it’s the dedication to bars. That crazy persons powerful wit is a sword he sharpens everyday, the same way KRS or Slick Rick did. He’s just weirder.

stream the song below and if you dig, click on the tape(It is quite good):


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