Song Review-Ame​rica’s Nightmare by SL Jones featuring Killer Mike and Kevin Gates produced by Metro Boomin

Song Review-Ame​rica’s Nightmare by SL Jones featuring Killer Mike and Kevin Gates produced by Metro Boomin

by Dan-O

Epic is the one word for this track. It’s produced by Metro Boomin who along with Zaytoven and a few others have defined the 2013 trap sound. The phrasing description on Metro Boomin is that he took the Mike-Will-Made-It sound and pumped it with performance enhancing boom. It features Kevin Gates who has stormed hip hop with his redefined hypnotically melodic trap-ish sound making every warble or vocal iteration a hit. Gates has done tracks with top lyricists like Starlito and killed it. The other feature (and show stealer) is Killer Mike who has gone HULK SMASH on every verse for the last two years. This verse showcases blackout beautiful P alliteration, Kennedy name drops and a guitar smash of a finish. The question is not whether Killer Mike is the best MC in this or that region. I would ask is there any MC in the world Killer Mike is worried about? I don’t think so either.

Amidst all the excitement this song creates I’m the most happy for SL Jones. I’ve almost reviewed SL Jones at least 3 times. He always seemed like a really good rapper who wasn’t quite there yet and needed to align the right beats with the right content. This new mixtape (Way of Life No Hobby) is genuinely fun and completely post-worthy. Its one thing to get an opportunity with a justifiably hot producer like Metro Boomin it’s a whole other kind of task to step up amidst those expectations and hit it out of the park.

stream or download Way of Life No Hobby below:


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