Song Review-Lov​ely Day by Vic Mensa produced by Vic Mensa and Peter Cottontale

Song Review-Lov​ely Day by Vic Mensa produced by Vic Mensa and Peter Cottontale

by Dan-O

Anyone can be guilty of thinking too hard. When Vic Mensa dropped INNANETAPE I was excited to listen. This is someone who was burning up guest verses all over the place. It turns out that its fun with great production and I’m still not sure how comfortable I am with how close it is to the Acid Rap template that Chance The Rapper laid down.

You can certainly hear a lot of Chance and Acid Rap in silly super rapping like “Ali Baba stole his Product, Prada private stock soaring…” Acid Rap and INNANETAPE are full of lines that if you look at long enough are senseless sound mergers. Vic does the same thing Chance did in terms of following “happy” songs like this with gross out fun like Tweakin(which features Chance).

The beat is off key and warm. I love the fact that Peter Cottontale is a major producer and someday I will find a youtube of some big smoked out rap goon shouting his name out amongst positively used curse words.

I have a feeling that every time I listen to INNANETAPE and Lovely Day I’ll be enjoying it while keeping the argument going. This clearly isn’t style biting since these guys are kind of in the same crew; artists rub off on each other. How much of that is ok? How much of it is distracting? It would be reasonable to say this is a sound signature of the crew and he is one. Aside from all this previously described nonsense it’s a fun listening experience that you should give yourself if you dug Acid Rap. Hopefully it won’t feel like a sequel, it will feel like a companion.


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