Mixtape Review-Goo​d Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover by Snow Tha Product

Mixtape Review-Goo​d Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover by Snow Tha Product

by Dan-O

Hip Hop’s enduring appeal is one of perspective, that no matter how similar songs can seem as the same producers or production styles circulate, some kid comes out of nowhere with a way of thinking and spitting that adds a dimension to everything. Think about how Marshall Mathers felt listening to Redman for the first time? It was a different world after that.

As an example: on the epic Rick Ross mixtape Rich Forever Drizzy jumped on the song Stay Schemin and pretended he was friends with Kobe Bryant coining the much repeated phrase “B___ You wasn’t with me shooting in the gym.” It was his perspective on big money divorces where his heroes lose what they worked so hard for and the fear that somewhere down the line that could happen to him. Snow Tha Product answers back on Business Is off her fabulous sequel Good Nights Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover “Oh…I wasn’t with you shooting in the gym? Well who the F__ do you think held you down when your punk ass didn’t win?!” Hip hop should be a house of perspective some like funhouse mirrors that distort and others reflecting back the closest approximation.

The first Good Nights Bad Mornings was very good(and is included as the back half of the mixtape) but 2 is just another level. The strongest stuff on the first was the bangers. Snow could throw down a head nodding smash like Hola that not many artists are capable of. The bangers bang on different levels this time. Play and Cali Luv are still pedal to the floor chest puffed out lyricism in the spirit of Hola but Bout That Life, by comparison, is super catchy at a mid-tempo pace.

I’m a big fan of Snow’s lyrical content because it’s not slapdash sexualized. She addresses relationships in a complex way that reflects how complex they are. On Where We Are she spends the each verse thinking about not thinking about someone while trying to have fun. It’s an honest song and it’s catchy. Even on a song like Cash Rules which addresses some very serious feelings of depression and drugs “Oh man you mean I don’t gotta feel no more? You mean I can live in my head, dreams don’t get killed no more…I can erase whatever happened and I don’t deal no more? I mean you can but then your back and sh_t ain’t real no more,” the chorus is so catchy and somehow feels like an argument connected to Wu-Tang’s C.R.E.A.M. She can go from stuff like this to bragging about an undying loyalty to hooded sweatshirts and Nike Cortez sneakers.

I know Good Nights Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover is good cause it has more than a few songs I could listen too over and over and over again. Cash Rules, Hold You Down, and the crown jewel Don’t Judge Me which features her doing a lyrical victory dance and paying back her moms visa cards over the TLC Creep beat while Ty Dolla $ign autotunes a fantastic hook. Its only two minutes and seventeen seconds but I can’t stop bumping it. If you’ve never heard of Snow Tha Product and wonder how relevant she is check the guest stars on this project. Cyhi The Prynce (who was totally hitting on her during his verse) from G.O.O.D. Music, internet legend Riff Raff, Dizzy Wright, the kingpin of raspy Trae The Truth, and Tech F’N N9ne. That’s the industry taking notice.

The bigger her music gets the more interested I will get. Her mantra is always about balance. For every drinking story she spins another about her mother, for every hostile shout down of unnamed MC’s she follows with real romantic stories that feel true whether they are or not. That balance gets harder to maintain the brighter the spotlight burns. Either way 2013 is better with Snow Tha Product in it.

Stream or download Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover below:



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