Mixtape Review-Keys of Heaven by Al Doe

Mixtape Review-Keys of Heaven by Al Doe by Dan-O An artist’s sound betrays his or her intentions. You can listen to the very first B.O.B. mixtape and know he was meant to be on every radio (that’s not an insult either). The opposite of that B.O.B. listening is Al Doe. No one hearing the dogsContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Keys of Heaven by Al Doe”

Mixtape Review-Produce vol. 1 by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Mixtape Review-Produce vol. 1 by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. by Dan-O One of the uncomfortable conversations I will be forced to have with my son is how our generation turned Pop Music into a negative term for simple elitist gains. We snickered at chart topping hits and re-classified the ones we liked into other genres.Continue reading “Mixtape Review-Produce vol. 1 by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.”

From The Inbox….

From The Inbox…. QuePac EP by Dan-O It’s not enough to be odd. A lot of the weakest submissions to our FME inbox have been people TRYING to be tough rappers or weird rappers. What strikes you at once about the duo from Bushwick (QuePac consists of Paco the Dopest Nerd and Que Cee) isContinue reading “From The Inbox….”

Mixtape Review-Pulp Fiction by Miloh Smith

Mixtape Review-Pulp Fiction by Miloh Smith by Dan-O I always feel that the best mixtapes are made by people having fun. Even Hell Rell. A lot of them are free agents looking to get signed making music that they would like to hear. Even signed artists have less oversight to deal with on a freeContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Pulp Fiction by Miloh Smith”

Song Review-What Happened by Maino featuring Jadakiss

Song Review-What Happened by Maino featuring Jadakiss by Dan-O Songs like this just need to end. I would love to be talking about how much I enjoyed Maino’s new project K.O.B. but the last bonus track is a song that’s been made a thousand times by a thousand different artists. Every time it comes offContinue reading “Song Review-What Happened by Maino featuring Jadakiss”

Mixtape Review-White America by Blanco Caine

Mixtape Review-White America by Blanco Caine by Dan-O The song Club Money off Blanco Caine’s mixtape White America begins with a clip of someone explaining the racial inequality of the prison systems in America and then a frantic drum pattern begins and lyrics where girls are getting buck naked for money. Someone in the backgroundContinue reading “Mixtape Review-White America by Blanco Caine”

Mixtape Review-Crown Royal 4 by Pastor Troy

Mixtape Review-Crown Royal 4 by Pastor Troy by Dan-O Pastor Troy has always been my answer. When pasty New Englanders told me that Southern Rap was soft I would just ask if they’d ever heard him. They never had. Once you’ve heard Pastor Troy your perspective is changed. Crown Royal 4 is a sprawling exampleContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Crown Royal 4 by Pastor Troy”

Mixtape Review-One Long Day by SonReal

Mixtape Review-One Long Day by SonReal by Dan-O The best example of how needy/high stakes and fascinating SonReal music is comes on the song LA off his new mixtape One Long Day. The gentle piano gives way to our narrator suffering writers block and going on a drive. He gets pulled over, gets a ticketContinue reading “Mixtape Review-One Long Day by SonReal”