Throwback Thursday-Black Ego by Digable Planets

Throwback Thursday-Black Ego by Digable Planets by Dan-O Blowout Comb, the second and final album, by Digable Planets was becoming a bit of the Loch Ness Monster for me. I’d never heard it and all the testimonials of its greatness had me wondering how legit this underground reputation is. Well I have it now andContinue reading “Throwback Thursday-Black Ego by Digable Planets”

Mixtape Review-The Good Vibe Tribe by Audio Push

Mixtape Review-The Good Vibe Tribe by Audio Push by Dan-O The Good Vibe Tribe mixtape is as close as I am going to get to a return trip into LabCabinCalifornia. Pharcyde were so special because they managed everything, they were passionately fun, aggressively lyrical, excellently produced and always experimenting.  Audio Push don’t just give offContinue reading “Mixtape Review-The Good Vibe Tribe by Audio Push”

Song of The Year-The White Shoes by Wale

Song of The Year-The White Shoes by Wale by Dan-O Not to get super militant on anyone but can you imagine a world where Wale is white and still as talented as he is? Can you imagine the exposure/built in audience he would have to choose from? Instead Wale is not white and not slamContinue reading “Song of The Year-The White Shoes by Wale”

Free Album Review-Pilot Talk 3 by Curren$y

Free Album Review-Pilot Talk 3 by Curren$y by Dan-O On the Opening Credits (the first track) of Pilot Talk 3 Curren$y references his lost relationship to savagely independent hip hop mogul Dame Dash “then I tried to start a business with Damon…charge that to the game, learned some things…” he implies the money wasn’t right.Continue reading “Free Album Review-Pilot Talk 3 by Curren$y”

Song of The Year-Other Guys by ILoveMakonnen

Song of The Year-Other Guys by ILoveMakonnen by Dan-O I’m probably addicted to ILoveMakonnen but I’m not alone. His new mixtape Drink More Water 5 starts with a freestyle under the same name that is a train wreck. It’s more clear than ever from his new output that Makonnen is that weird character in theContinue reading “Song of The Year-Other Guys by ILoveMakonnen”

Mixtape Review-Traffic Jamz by Scotty ATL

Mixtape Review-Traffic  Jamz by Scotty ATL by Dan-O When Scotty ATL is about to go to sleep and he’s alone just gazing into the ceiling with his private thoughts, he has nothing to regret about how he has attained his success. He doesn’t have to wonder if his evolution into the spotlight is due toContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Traffic Jamz by Scotty ATL”

Mini-Mixtape Review-Mardi Gras 2 by Juvenile

Mini-Mixtape Review-Mardi Gras 2 by Juvenile by Dan-O I have been on the craziest Juvenile binge lately. I’m talking Solja Rags, Tha G Code, Juve The Great, Reality Check and that was before he dropped his newest mixtape Mardi Gras 2. What has already been said is that Juvenile reinvented where the catchy part ofContinue reading “Mini-Mixtape Review-Mardi Gras 2 by Juvenile”

Mixtape Review-The Iron Way by T-Pain

Mixtape Review-The Iron Way by T-Pain by Dan-O T-Pain is the Mozart of strip club music. No matter how many changes he has gone through I’ve never given up on him because I know that to be true. I know he is capable of stifling musical intelligence and flawless execution on very silly songs aboutContinue reading “Mixtape Review-The Iron Way by T-Pain”

Song Review-Fly Away by Boosie Badazz produced by Crush Hayven

Song Review-Fly Away by Boosie Badazz produced by Crush Hayven by Dan-O How many artists could borrow a very silly R. Kelly hook and repurpose it for lyrics like “when people take your words and twist it, on parole still pissing, man wishing sperm make some more real @$$ N_’s”? This isn’t R. Kelly’s IContinue reading “Song Review-Fly Away by Boosie Badazz produced by Crush Hayven”