Song of The Year-Casket Pretty by Noname Gypsy

Song of The Year-Casket Pretty by Noname Gypsy I am very worried we are going to end up on the wrong side of history. At a party where the age average was two generations older and everyone was white; I started asking who they voted for in 1960. Kennedy? Nixon? Most of them saidContinue reading “Song of The Year-Casket Pretty by Noname Gypsy”

Song of the year-Just by KA

Song of the year-Just by KA by Dan-O I wonder how hard most of the reviewers who now lavish praise on KA yearly work to understand what he is saying? It is VERY easy to get spun into his dimension and float on a sea of jagged found sounds (those out of control jingle bellsContinue reading “Song of the year-Just by KA”

Weezy Appreciation Week Playlist

Weezy Appreciation Week Playlist by Dan-O We don’t appreciate people in the moment. I think that’s ok. The moment can be tricky, you miss things. Wayne has been in the game so long it would be criminal not to look back at all that he has accomplished. Tha Carter 2-Best Rapper Alive Known as hisContinue reading “Weezy Appreciation Week Playlist”

LATE PASS Mixtape Review-Imperial by Denzel Curry

LATE PASS Mixtape Review-Imperial by Denzel Curry by Dan-O Everyone should like Denzel Curry. If you’re a hip hop purist than you hate biters, people who can easily be traced into others. Success breeds copying so you can find a lot of rappers in New York who sound like Jay and a lot of yellingContinue reading “LATE PASS Mixtape Review-Imperial by Denzel Curry”