The Vulnerable Layer

The Vulnerable Layer by Dan-O A lot of old school hip hop heads do a fair (or unfair) amount of complaining about pink hair tight pants and tattoos. These new kids on drugs trap beats and repeating words over and over again…are a much smaller percentage of hip hop than you might think. I noticed thisContinue reading “The Vulnerable Layer”

#Bandcampgold-Veib by Shane Reis & God Damn Chan

#Bandcampgold-Veib by Shane Reis & God Damn Chan by Dan-O From the stage Shane Reis has the authority of the most important guy in the properly humming kitchen of a restaurant. His music has always carried that ceaseless Joe Frazier energy: moving forward, finding optimal positioning, and getting off his best shots no matter what touchesContinue reading “#Bandcampgold-Veib by Shane Reis & God Damn Chan”

Mixtape Review-Doll Szn by Asian Doll

Mixtape Review-Doll Szn by Asian Doll by Dan-O The intro track (Doll Szn Intro) on the mixtape Doll Szn does a spectacular job establishing who Asian Doll is for anyone coming late to the party. Immediately after you press play she vents and tears away the preconceptions you may bring to this music. She knowsContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Doll Szn by Asian Doll”

Where did this Donald Glover come from?

Where did this Donald Glover come from? by Dan-O After he hosted and musical guested on Saturday Night Live an enormous new audience checked into Childish Gambino for the first time unaware of the journey his music has gone on since 2008. Lots of people have heard the name Childish Gambino (aside from Glover and hisContinue reading “Where did this Donald Glover come from?”

Song Review-Mi Encanta by Husalah

Song Review-Mi Encanta by Husalah by Dan-O I love the new Husalah album H the way I love watching Jason Statham carve through the world in Transporter 2. It is a lot of fun and more than a bit silly.  He says bitch four or five times more than is logistically manageable (to say nothingContinue reading “Song Review-Mi Encanta by Husalah”