Song of The Year-Best Part by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R.

Song of The Year-Best Part by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R.

by Dan-O

Sometimes as a person who writes and cares about music you get slowly seduced by an album. At first you shrug at it, push it away but it finds you. Daniel Caesar’s album Freudian was like that for me. It seemed at first to be a very well done reaction to Frank Ocean cerebral R & B, cutting itself down to elegant minimal parts heartfelt realizations and holding onto the sweetness Frank O can feel very distant from.

Over repeated listens it felt less and less like a piece of the 2017 music puzzle, more and more like a smooth ride in a perfect car. I understand the head scratching array of reactions to it you’re either a soul person or you are not. If you care about soul music this is exciting and if not it might sound like Moses Sumney or any number of smart capable new schoolers.

Best Part will have my back for years to come. It is the meeting of two exceptional distinctive voices (H.E.R. is absolutely coming with a monster project next time I can feel her progression song to song) over production that spotlights that shared strength. The song is sweet and simple free of clutter or overproduction. Daniel Caesar not only sings and writes at a top tier level he knows when his work is done. That might be the most exciting part of Freudian. Sure he gets the best work out of his impressive co-stars (Take Me Away with Syd is exquisite) but when you check the tracklist and see that the title track is ten minutes long you don’t have to worry that will be an overstuffed data dump from a busy brain, it is a brilliant song with a bonus track that comes to life with the earthy organic sound of the organ.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the sites that gave it a medium review put it on the year end list in a valued position. In a world of effects tricks and posturing where kids with fake grills start rapping under an embarrassing name and get millions of views Daniel Caesar’s music is boldly earthbound and recklessly touching. That’s the best part.