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Mixtape Review-Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper

Mixtape Review-Coloring Book by Chance The Rapper

by Dan-O

Coloring Book is a testimony but it’s also a test. No one disputes Chance’s skill level in regards to flow, delivery, and wordplay… moving the crowd to keep it simple.  A few critiques of the project have already started to form and I think they portray the expectations of the audience that Chance is trying to extinguish.

The same audience that loves Kanye West and follows his every transformation (hoping he recaptures his “glory years”) are in pocket for Chance and are likely to love All We Got which features Ye and the Chicago Children’s Choir. It has the event feel of Ultralight Beam but those same listeners will definitely bristle at collaboration with Young Thug and Lil Yachty on a project so distinctly about spirituality. It doesn’t matter that the song is great (song is called Mixtape), most people acknowledge that. It just doesn’t feel right. What about Juke Jam? It features JUSTIN BEIBER so that sucks. I’ve never understood investing the energy to hate Bieber 1. If you don’t listen to his music 2. Don’t know him; why do you care?  Bieber doesn’t have the ability to affect a song the way Chance does so the shirtless lightning rod lays a silky chorus and Chance kills a slow flow. Song is great.

Backpackers want Chance to wave the flag Lupe Fiasco does for hip hop intellectuals who will not accept buffoonery. Coloring Book is as much about the warmth, joy, and splendor of Blessings and keeping divinity in your life as it is about the beautiful color selection we have to choose from in hip hop. Jay Electronica belongs on the gospel rap jam How Great the same way 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne belong on the blustering and frustrated No Problem. Chance is smart enough to see that all the colors belong and doesn’t see any reason he shouldn’t be able to use them all.

Backpackers aside, some reviewers are uncomfortable with this deep sense of the lord as the centerpiece of the album. This isn’t a religion thing per say, any music fan should be expected to be intelligent enough to know that whatever works for the album & for the song works…period. This critique operates around the notion that old Chance was mixed up and dealing with growing up (10 Day era) and this one has all the answers and the journey to them was more fun. I’m trying to give this credence, I just don’t remember any of these guys repping for 10 Day at the time. During that time he was definitely more jumbled thematically but also as a craftsman, he wasn’t as good. He’s gotten better and so Coloring Book is better. He found out The Social Experiment makes more sense and that his off the wall excited delivery works best around their fresh instrumentational grandness. When you see Same Drugs and Angels on the same track listing he expects you to stow your confusion. Chance is speaking to an intelligent audience that gets his three dimensions and that being in a blissful spiritual place is not preachy or permanent. Some days the sun shines on you that way. Chance can give you joy and frustration with equal pressure and style, so I love where he’s going and where he is; Coloring Book is an important part of what he is trying to accomplish in the long run and if it makes you want to get off his bus, do it now before it really gets rolling.

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Song Review-I Got Money by Raekwon featuring A$AP Rocky produced by S1

Song Review-I Got Money by Raekwon featuring A$AP Rocky produced by S1

by Dan-O

Raekwon’s 2015 album could be called Raekwon and Friends(it’s called Fly International Luxurious Art) for all the guests it carries (12 guests 13 total tracks) and a lot of reviewers have pointed out that its disjointed and not The Chef’s best work but it is interesting to hear him play off of other MC’s. Rae and Ghost are the last two Wu-Tang affiliates still sharpening their swords in 2015 and anyone who jumps on a song takes it seriously.

Sonically Rae is looking to evolve his East Coast gritty classic sound into something a bit livelier, and give him credit for knowing that’s something that needs to happen, he is picking the best beats in the Wu at this point and still murders verses. If you’re an old head you will love F.I.L.A.but be ready to catch verses from new school cats like 2 Chainz, Rick Ross and French Montana. While old heads might not respect some of these dudes Rae does and doesn’t seem to care about the generational difference. He who spits can spit.

This song totally supports my A$AP Rocky theory that the narrative about how interesting it is that he’s from NY and likes to make Southern Trap style stuff is holding him back. A$AP always sounds more interesting (to me) on a well-made East Coast beat than doing his own spin on trap. Raekwon has his own universe where every verse is smooth and smart; the imagery is always surprising and that environment is a place every rapper wants a guest spot. If you hate A$AP Rocky this isn’t the Rocky you hate and now you have to rethink what he’s capable of. The Chef knew the whole time and that’s why F.I.L.A. remains interesting a few listens in, cause when he does a song with 2 Chainz (F.I.L.A. World) its cause he bought weed off him when his name was Tity Boi and always knew he’d be star, back when all of us were stuck at “Why would you name yourself Tity Boi?”

Song Review-Fuckemx3 by OG Maco

Song Review-Fuckemx3 by OG Maco produced by Ducko McFli

By Dan-O

If I gave a yearly award for best yelling in rap music (I WOULD DO THE WRITE UP IN ALL CAPS!) OG Maco would win 2014. His fantastic self titled ep is fifteen tracks of weird wonderful screaming. The only normalized moment might be the 2 Chainz verse on U Guessed and it’s still pretty odd.

Anti-hater music is at its pure best the less specific it is. The more it becomes a dynamic emotional chant (see Kendrick Lamar The Spiteful Chant) the deeper it seems to cut. His voice is an instrument perfect for crafting this kind of yell-ody. This chorus might hit me harder than you if you don’t share my love of swearing. This is some real good swearing; listen to the opening line “Musty p#ssy maggot b#tches tryin’ lick my sack for riches mmm hmmm yeah yeah…” That’ll wake you up in the morning.

Ducko McFli revolves everything around a deeply striking repetitive tone. It’s so minimal and serene that its not trap or drill it’s just kind of gorgeous in its simplicity. The extreme contrast between Maco’s forest fire delivery and McFli’s first winter day of falling snow beat is enough to make this one of the year’s most fascinating listens. Maco’s next project should be called And Now For Something Completely Different. The only comparable artist in my eyes would be IloveMakonnen for how purely left field and great his contribution to music in 2014 has been.