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Song Review-Mi Encanta by Husalah

Song Review-Mi Encanta by Husalah

by Dan-O

I love the new Husalah album H the way I love watching Jason Statham carve through the world in Transporter 2. It is a lot of fun and more than a bit silly.  He says bitch four or five times more than is logistically manageable (to say nothing of the long ethical debate) . He brags in ways that are so outlandish they are outstanding. Mi Encanta is the absolute height of giddy post-hyphy insanity. I wish I could find production credits the beat is amazing, the chorus is chanted very seriously in Spanish. The first verse is the stuff of legend. Husalah’s first spoken line after the chorus is “my life consists of getting kicks off, I get my kicks off soon as your wife sees me she tries to pull my dick off.” This leads into the line I ran around imitating for days after this album came out. He says “Husalah been out selling cocaine since I was a baby! Ask your bitch about me bitch I’m beautiful and gorgeous guns enormous.” The way in which he joyously extends out the words baby, gorgeous, and enormous just adds to the comical fantastitude of this cartoonishly unbelievable brag. The production is top notch Nuevo slap that kicks the energy up at all the right times and never falls below a Cadillac groove (the most Cadillac groove on H is Million Miles ). I could talk about how fun Husalah is for a long time but Mi Encanta is exactly what I needed in 2018. The charts are a post-apocalyptic landscape littered with sad junkie rap and overly righteous college kids talking down to their audience. Mi Encanta is bay area bounce with a Roger Corman movie attitude and an undeniable breath of fresh air.


Song of The Year-Seen It All by Jeezy featuring Jay-z produced by Cardo

Song of The Year-Seen It All by Jeezy featuring Jay-Z produced by Cardo

by Cardo

The Snowman’s new album Seen It All: The Autobiography is definitely a disjointed listen. A lot of that is because of how unhinged and emotional it is. Consider how similar Jay and Jeezy’s position is. Jeezy is looking out on a landscape of successful trap rappers created directly in his image. Would the rap universe embrace a Young Thug without Jeezy to open the door? No. At the same time critical favor has turned away from Jeezy to some of those same artists that carry his dna. Jay is going through the same thing with Kanye.

So two of the games most influential artists come together on a track to shout their historical significance. It’s odd that they need too but that’s rap for you. I understand not liking this era Jeezy. All he knows how to do is make action movie albums with crazy forward momentum so when Jeezy starts loading his verses with indignant stories of betrayal (Freddie Gibbs is definitely getting to him) he can’t help but mix them with jokes about cocaine sandwiches.  The outcome is something clearly not correctly done but also superbly unique.

The real winner on this track is Cardo. So far he’s my favorite producer of 2014. He was never just Wiz Khalifa’s secret weapon, working with everyone everywhere (great work with Gerald Walker), and his development has been amazing to watch. His signature DJ Quik-ian west coast feel has evolved into something nearly indescribably dope. This song feels like 2014 in a nutshell because it has established artists finding their footing and a lesser known one coming into his own as a top top dog in the industry. This kind of shifting can be naturally transitional or destructive. I’m watching either way.