Mixtape Review-The Cooligan by Scotty ATL

Mixtape Review-The Cooligan by Scotty ATL by Dan-O Being cool has nothing to do with style or taste. The icon of cool for a lot of Americans was Fonz on Happy Days but stylistically he wasn’t cool at all. He was set in the forties during the sixties; he looked silly to that audience. WhatContinue reading “Mixtape Review-The Cooligan by Scotty ATL”

Song Review-Violet Vibrato by B.O.B.

Song Review-Violet Vibrato by B.O.B. by Dan-O B.O.B. is rebuilding himself and he’s going to have to do it much like Mac Miller did; brick by brick with no one’s help. From the very first collection of songs he put out B.O.B. has been musically endearing, lacing songs full of buttery melody and upbeat syrupyContinue reading “Song Review-Violet Vibrato by B.O.B.”

Mixtape Review-Thought Waves by Sky.P

Mixtape Review-Thought Waves by Sky.P by Dan-O Thought Waves is a young collection of music. It’s a project Sky.P will look back on and chuckle at when he’s older and has thicker skin but he’ll always value it, probably for the same reasons I do. It’s not just skillfully produced with pitch perfect temperament andContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Thought Waves by Sky.P”

Mixtape Review-Surf by Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment

Mixtape Review-Surf by Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment by Dan-O As massive and overwhelming as Surf felt on the first listen, the more I come back the bigger it feels. I find myself listening to songs I’ve heard lots of times and grunting in awe at how sharply and warmly resonant each moment is.Continue reading “Mixtape Review-Surf by Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment”

Mixtape Review-Traffic Jamz by Scotty ATL

Mixtape Review-Traffic  Jamz by Scotty ATL by Dan-O When Scotty ATL is about to go to sleep and he’s alone just gazing into the ceiling with his private thoughts, he has nothing to regret about how he has attained his success. He doesn’t have to wonder if his evolution into the spotlight is due toContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Traffic Jamz by Scotty ATL”

From The Inbox-Bona Fide by Kid Sean

From The Inbox-Bona Fide by Kid Sean by Dan-O The distinction between hip hop and underground hip hop is a real stylistic divergence. It’s not really about sales figures. Artists like B.O.B. and Wiz Khalifa came up independently through mixtapes but they were always pop artists. You can listen to teenage Wiz belt out PittsburghContinue reading “From The Inbox-Bona Fide by Kid Sean”