Mini-Mixtape Review-Mardi Gras 2 by Juvenile

Mini-Mixtape Review-Mardi Gras 2 by Juvenile by Dan-O I have been on the craziest Juvenile binge lately. I’m talking Solja Rags, Tha G Code, Juve The Great, Reality Check and that was before he dropped his newest mixtape Mardi Gras 2. What has already been said is that Juvenile reinvented where the catchy part ofContinue reading “Mini-Mixtape Review-Mardi Gras 2 by Juvenile”

Song Review-Shit by Lil Wayne

Song Review-Shit by Lil Wayne by Dan-O I like my Wayne desperate and angry. The difference between stagnant Wayne and enraged ,in the zone, Wayne is shockingly vast. On Sorry 4 The Wait 2 damn near every song references the fact that Cash Money is holding back The Carter 5. On this song alone heContinue reading “Song Review-Shit by Lil Wayne”

Mixtape Review-Sell Sole by Dej Loaf

Mixtape Review-Sell Sole by Dej Loaf by Dan-O I became completely infatuated with the Dej Loaf mixtape Sell Sole on track 7. It was great before that but the shorthand I had been using in my head about Dej Loaf based on her snarling single Try Me was “This is a little female 50 cent;Continue reading “Mixtape Review-Sell Sole by Dej Loaf”

Song Review-730 by Young Thug

Song Review-730 by Young Thug by Dan-O Young Thug’s takeover of the weirdo trap rap game in 2014 hip hop often times feels like a victory for gibberish and funny noises. It’s a bit surreal to read reviews of Riff Raff that criticize him for being silly and nonsensical when Young Thug is making hits withContinue reading “Song Review-730 by Young Thug”