Where did this Donald Glover come from?

Where did this Donald Glover come from? by Dan-O After he hosted and musical guested on Saturday Night Live an enormous new audience checked into Childish Gambino for the first time unaware of the journey his music has gone on since 2008. Lots of people have heard the name Childish Gambino (aside from Glover and hisContinue reading “Where did this Donald Glover come from?”

Mixtape Review-Spiritual Conversations by Mozzy

Mixtape Review-Spiritual Conversations by Mozzy by Dan-O Mozzy is amazing and proof that we are living in amazing times.  My favorite part of Black Panther is when we flash back to 1992 and pan slowly across the basketball court, his voice surfs over the beat and a smile wears my face.  The moment blew myContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Spiritual Conversations by Mozzy”