Song Review-1 Minute by Gucci Mane

Song Review-1 Minute by Gucci Mane by Dan-O Being a Gucci Mane fan is what I imagine life is like as a NY Giants fan. You think the team might barely make the playoffs, they win the Superbowl. You think they can win the Superbowl, they don’t make the playoffs. Gucci goes on brilliant runsContinue reading “Song Review-1 Minute by Gucci Mane”

Mixtape Review-Fukk Fame by Frenchie

Mixtape Review-Fukk Fame by Frenchie by Dan-O Everybody has one of those cheesy action movies they just love. For a buddy of mine it’s Hudson Hawk. For me it’s The Last Boy Scout with Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis. This year Frenchie’s Fukk Fame is the mixtape equivalent. It’s soaked in autotune, a brisk tenContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Fukk Fame by Frenchie”

Song of The Year-OMG by Young Thug

Song of The Year-OMG by Young Thug by Dan-O If you are a Trap-a-holic, DJ Scream, DJ Holiday, Trap aficionado I know you love Young Thug. You must since not much else is going on. Waka, Frenchie and his team have been serving up underwhelming efforts all year while Gucci Mane is a part ofContinue reading “Song of The Year-OMG by Young Thug”

Mixtape Review-Bo Deal-Thug Education 101

Mixtape Review-Bo Deal-Thug Education 101 by Dan-O The seismic split between the Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame sides of Brick Squad might not seem like the splintering of Genghis Khan’s empire after his death (It really shouldn’t) but it does mark a profound chaotic time for the participants and fans. Each and every memberContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Bo Deal-Thug Education 101”

Songs of the year-On Dunk Songs of the year-On Dunk Sy Ari Da Kid & Dae Dae featuring D. Dash-On Dunk This is from another massive Trap-A-Holics Tape called Civil War 2: 2 Sides Of a Story produced by Blue Beats. For those of you who think Waka, Gucci and the Brick Squad have had their time, it’s certainlyContinue reading “Songs of the year-On Dunk”


The only thing that is tiresome about Gucci Mane is the narrative that Rap critics have created for him.  If there isn’t a reference to his ill-advised facial tattoo, his multiple stints in the clink, his one time stint in the mental hospital, or his altercation with a woman that resulted in her being ejectedContinue reading “GUCCI MANE IS FME’S MVP OF 2012!!!”