#BandcampGold-New American Frontier by The Trusty Snakes

#BandcampGold-New American Frontier by The Trusty Snakes by Dan-O Alright, I don’t like the new Bruce Springsteen album¬†Western Stars. We’re all supposed to. Bruce stepped back into his Country/Folk style this year in a very post-Sturgill Simpson way. The album is better than some of his recent work but the basic problem I have isContinue reading “#BandcampGold-New American Frontier by The Trusty Snakes”

Song of The Year-Sinner’s Prayer by Lady Gaga

Song of The Year-Sinner’s Prayer by Lady Gaga by Dan-O I have a lot of important mixtapes to listen to from very important up and coming artists but I would be lying if I pretended to knowing anything musically but Joanne right now. ¬†I’ve had the new Lady Gaga album on repeat for days justContinue reading “Song of The Year-Sinner’s Prayer by Lady Gaga”