Song of The Year-Blue Trash by The Dead South

Song of The Year-Blue Trash by The Dead South by Dan-O The Dead South are Canadian Bluegrass. If you’ve ever listened to Bluegrass you know that the instrumentation is at the core of its success. Everything grows out of the rhythm  and dexterity the banjo and the bass establish. The Dead South add gloriously to thatContinue reading “Song of The Year-Blue Trash by The Dead South”

Mixtape Review-One Long Day by SonReal

Mixtape Review-One Long Day by SonReal by Dan-O The best example of how needy/high stakes and fascinating SonReal music is comes on the song LA off his new mixtape One Long Day. The gentle piano gives way to our narrator suffering writers block and going on a drive. He gets pulled over, gets a ticketContinue reading “Mixtape Review-One Long Day by SonReal”