Mixtape review-41-P by Payroll Giovanni

Mixtape review-41-P by Payroll Giovanni by Dan-O Payroll Giovanni is my kind of MC. Mentally he is tougher than shark skin with a flow that can speedbag the beat to impressive levels. The other thing to love about the thirty year old rapper from Detroit is that he’s always working and its good smart work.  HisContinue reading “Mixtape review-41-P by Payroll Giovanni”

#Bandcampgold-G-Worthy(G-Perico & Jay Worthy) produced by Cardo

#Bandcampgold-G-Worthy (G-Perico & Jay Worthy) produced by Cardo by Dan-O Can I tell you what separates Cardo from his peers at the very top of hip hop production? The Neptunes make anyone sound cool from Kelis to Timberlake to Pusha and Malice to Britney Spears. Not everyone sounds cool on a Cardo beat. Cardo beatsContinue reading “#Bandcampgold-G-Worthy(G-Perico & Jay Worthy) produced by Cardo”


2014 FME MIXTAPE MVP=SHY GLIZZY by Dan-O Usually someone dominates the mixtape scene; this goes all the way back to 50 Cent clearing the landscape and being the name on everyone’s lips. 2014 wasn’t the year for that. Most artists figured out that a tipping point exists where beyond a certain amount of content youContinue reading “2014 FME MIXTAPE MVP=SHY GLIZZY”

Song of The Year-Seen It All by Jeezy featuring Jay-z produced by Cardo

Song of The Year-Seen It All by Jeezy featuring Jay-Z produced by Cardo by Cardo The Snowman’s new album Seen It All: The Autobiography is definitely a disjointed listen. A lot of that is because of how unhinged and emotional it is. Consider how similar Jay and Jeezy’s position is. Jeezy is looking out onContinue reading “Song of The Year-Seen It All by Jeezy featuring Jay-z produced by Cardo”

Six Degrees of Drake

Six Degrees of Drake by Dan-O The widespread success of Drake has caused the spread of a new sound. Does anyone remember when Ghostface Killah started doing sing heavy hooks and it was controversial? People were mad and questioning how hardcore his music was…now being able to sing or fake sing the chorus (sometimes severalContinue reading “Six Degrees of Drake”

Mixtape Review-King Chip-44108

Mixtape Review-King Chip-44108 by Dan-O Who is King Chip? He’s the sound coming through the weed smoke in fleets of Fleetwoods, the head nodding stimuli in clusters of Caddy’s all throughout the Midwest. Before his new mixtape 44108 came out I felt like it was going to be important. I was nervous. Chip is notContinue reading “Mixtape Review-King Chip-44108”

Mixtape Review-Stalley-Honest Cowboy

Mixtape Review-Stalley-Honest Cowboy by Dan-O Picture rap music as a classroom containing all the personalities we are familiar with. The pretty boy who writes poetry in his free time, the goon who picks a fight every few days just to feel healthy, the smart kid everyone copies off of, the trashy chick the guys pretendContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Stalley-Honest Cowboy”

D.C.C.-F_c​k A Cosign mixtape review

D.C.C.-F_c​k A Cosign mixtape review by Dan-O The depth and scope of the D.C.C. can be intimidating. Let me start with what it means, it stands for the Dallas City Council. While not the best mixtape of this year F_ck A Cosign is a post DJ Screw Texas street attack needed in this trap v.Continue reading “D.C.C.-F_c​k A Cosign mixtape review”