Song of The Year-Wolf Mode by Chris Rivers

Song of The Year-Wolf Mode by Chris Rivers by Dan-O When talking about Noname a friend of mine made the argument that while her follow up album was very good(Room 25), she will likely spend her career measured against the song Casket Pretty from her first album (Telefone). This isn’t about producing an insurmountable hit. Casket Pretty is a hushedContinue reading “Song of The Year-Wolf Mode by Chris Rivers”

Mixtape Review-Medicated Consumption by Chris Rivers

Mixtape Review-Medicated Consumption by Chris Rivers by Dan-O Can’t tell you how proud I am that the first Chris Rivers review I did for this site was written not knowing he was Big Pun’s son ( I live in Maine). I was able to talk about his talents and opportunities frankly and without any weirdContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Medicated Consumption by Chris Rivers”