Mixtape Review-Medicated Consumption by Chris Rivers

Mixtape Review-Medicated Consumption by Chris Rivers by Dan-O Can’t tell you how proud I am that the first Chris Rivers review I did for this site was written not knowing he was Big Pun’s son ( I live in Maine). I was able to talk about his talents and opportunities frankly and without any weirdContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Medicated Consumption by Chris Rivers”

Mixtape Review-Live Fast, Die Young by Rain

Mixtape Review-Live Fast, Die Young by Rain by Dan-O Having reviewed previous Rain projects I’ve long been under the impression that three variations of the North Carolina MC exist: pimptastic blaxploitation Rain, goin’ in blackout style Rain, and perceptive contemplative Rain. On his new fascinating project Live Fast, Die Young these personas that have alwaysContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Live Fast, Die Young by Rain”

Mixtape Review-Dreamchasers 3 by Meek Mill

Mixtape Review-Dreamchasers 3 by Meek Mill by Dan-O The Dreamchasers series of mixtapes have all seemed like big screen blockbusters that almost hit the mark. Something like the Oceans series with stars everywhere, slick lush backdrops but something missing. That something in my eyes was always cohesion. You could mark out the first two DreamchasersContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Dreamchasers 3 by Meek Mill”