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Mixtape review-Drunken Babble by Kalie Uchis

Mixtape review-Drunken Babble by Kalie Uchis

by Dan-O

It is possible I have fallen so hard for Kali Uchis music because of her diction. I think her diction is better than mine has ever been in the 3,849 years I’ve been on this planet (long story).  In 2012 she released the mixtape collection Drunken Babble produced by her on a Macbook with the Garageband app.  Her talents unravel well beyond her Jhene Aiko phone sex voice. She takes hip hop beats and makes them go at her pace (example: Chimichanga) or switches up and just spits bars (example: Mucho Gusto). The same voice who can stop the world with her pitch perfect slow soul vocals on songs like T.Y.W.I.G. & Table For Two has really sneaky strange things to say. On Mucho Gusto she says “my body’s polluted but it’s all I got” her first spoken words out of the chorus on You Just Wanna Stay is “I woke up feelin’ Kinda OCD/If you’re feelin’ touchy don’t get close to me.” Her perspective is old/new/cool/frantic and the styles she pursues make sense for that. She nails a reggae performance on Payday without affecting any cheap imitation of what we expect to hear. Kali knows to lead you through her music she has to find whatever she is doing within herself. So it works because it still sounds honest as much her as the jaunty low rider banger Sunset. Some of these songs are two minutes others are a full three each piece is a fragment sewn into the quilt another flavor from the mind of someone very rich in musical purpose with an instrument at hand (her voice) she has the utmost faith in. It will hold true against any musical backdrop so she might as well throw it as many places as it can go. I don’t need to wish her success, after listening to Drunken Babble I’m just excited to watch her success unfold.







by Dan-O

It might be an understatement to call PARTYNEXTDOOR music seductive. His version of the OVO sound has the depth of an infinite space, pulling you deeper into it the more you listen. The bass is trampling and before you know it you’re so lost in the atmospheric splendor that you miss the clues as to his real intentions. From first line of the first song (Let’s Get Married) he’s saying crazy things about women “All I need is a woman who will want to agree with everything that I do. And get naked for me when I want her too…”

Enjoying PARTYNEXTDOOR music is like befriending someone you know is a terrible person because regardless they are funny, smart, and cool. As many showers as I’ve had to take after listening to PNDCOLOURS its one of the years (2014 ya’ll) best EP’s. Each song feels like a single you could build your album around. The vocal echo on Girl From Oakland melds with a pulverizing bass line and the projects best chorus to feel overwhelming while still maintaining its coolness. All of these songs are in first gear and use that laid back signature differently. Don’t Worry is a slow motion snarling brag. While Girl From Oakland is cool and seductive Juss Know is haunting as he repeats “I remember everything” in an accusatory tone while detailing a lost relationship and the bitter emotional residue laying atop blissful memories.

PNDCOLOURS is straight up mind control good. It doesn’t matter if you’ve liked PARTYNEXTDOOR in the past, once you’ve pressed play you won’t have a choice.

stream or download PNDCOLOURS below:

Song Review-What You Need (The Weeknd Cover) by Kwamie Liv

Song Review-What You Need (The Weeknd Cover) by Kwamie Liv

by Dan-O

The 7 song Lost in The Girl EP is more proof that this is the year of the R&B mixtape release. Kwamie Liv pushes her alluring voice in all kinds of cool directions. Lots of the songs have beats that shift and change as if to confound expectations but when the largeness of the sound is held back far enough for you to really hear her voice…its breathtaking; like a gust of cold wind choked out in perfectly desperate and deliberate diction.

A great cover song raises everyone’s stock. This song made me want as much Kwamie Liv as I could get my hands on (that was not creepy, stop it). Beyond that, the precision she puts into it really highlights the brilliance of Abel Tesfaye’s (Weeknd’s real name) songwriting. What You Need is the scariest flipping song in modern R&B history (for those of us who are not sexually predatory) which makes it the ideal centerpiece for his monstrous debut mixtape House of Balloons. No matter what you think about current Weeknd content no one can take away the importance of this song and what it did for the genre.

If you get through this and love it like I did do two things. 1. Reload House of Balloons in your phone/mp3 player/lawnmower and think about all the artists who borrowed Abel’s style. 2. Download Lost in The Girl EP (http://www.djbooth.net/index/albums/review/kwamie-liv-lost-in-the-girl#!bG5i5r) and enjoy all the different tempos of whistful Kwamie Liv you can get. You won’t be let down.