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#Bandcampgold-Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle

#Bandcampgold-Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle

by Dan-O

I am so much more excited about BBKSD than my circle. Everyone likes it. People at this point have heard of Open Mike Eagle due to the breakout success of 2014’s Dark Comedy (and 2016’s huge improvement Hella Personal Film Festival). He is officially on the bubble of everyone who follows music and BBKSD shows yet another improvement. That is a good enough take but not from my angle.  If you follow the incredible X-Men references in the opening track (Legendary Iron Hood https://genius.com/Open-mike-eagle-legendary-iron-hood-lyrics ). The song is a perfect example of Mike pushing everything to the hilt. He’s always had great hooks and this time they are prettier, better sung, catchier (see Hymnal) the beats are full of strange sounds coming together over his buttery flow. His lyrics take comic imagery and push it 38 degrees to the left so that they become intensely meaningful.

On Happy Wasteland Day he is slick and smooth weaving zombie imagery and the connotation of dystopia into his everyday life “When the king is a garbage person/I might wanna lay down and die/Power down on my darkest urges/Keep my personal crown up high.”  As the song goes on his tone gets more and more urgent as the terror of everyday violence punctures the force field. The last verse his voice is post mortem, dead monotone and fading.  It is as much an emotional journey as Velvet Underground’s Heroin.

If you’re a strict rap guy who needs BARS just press play on Brick Body Complex which is a sensational set fire to the BS hook with dizzying skill from his pen in the verses “Chi Town in my building code/Stood here for ten million snows/wind chill is all in my bones/ Indivisible in divisible kids and criminals young and old/No radiator my dungeon cold.” That song sets my sensory on overload and it isn’t even my favorite.

I would change nothing on BBKSD but boy do I come back specifically to 95 Radios. Toy Light and Has-Lo created a beat that chimes a spotlight on the verses (Has-Lo destroys verse 1). Mike’s second verse teases fun growing up references but can’t run away from the hard thoughtful personal truth “I miss my old hood/ miss my homies/is lonely/ The radio host is like they know me.”  The pain isn’t just in the verse it’s in the delivery, the chorus drips with the visual image of a kid closing his eyes and trying to hear a rap song so he doesn’t have to think so damn much.

When I was in school (trying to become a better writer) teachers routinely told me to ignore what I did well and focus on improving my faults. As a natural antagonist the first thing I did was push even harder on my strengths leaving the rest for later. Sometimes if I pushed hard enough I could accomplish something really surprising and that was the best feeling. Brick Body Kids Still Daydream gives me that feeling for Mike. No one gets to show him his lane.

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Song of The Year-Very Much Money (Ice King Dream) by Open Mike Eagle produced by Ultra Combo


Song of The Year-Very Much Money (Ice King Dream) by Open Mike Eagle produced by Ultra Combo

by Dan-O

You can move mountains you can be the most interesting man in the world but if you’re broke it doesn’t really matter. That’s how it feels anyway, and this song articulates that feeling in a transcendent way. It comes off of Open Mike Eagle’s new album Dark Comedy which is full of glum circumstances, acute observation and absurdity in equal parts. This is certainly not the only great song from it as Qualifiers demands playlist addition and Doug Stamper with Hannibal Buress as guest star is proudly pleasurable.

This is one of the best songs this year because it resonates beyond its parts. Ultra Combo gives the song an uncanny hypnotic quality increased exponentially by Eagle’s tender tones. Dark Comedy is the only title Eagle could give the collection this comes out of. He sings earnestly that his friends “Some of them talk to the animals none of it matters when N’s was hungry.” The hilarious image of the sculptors who speak Portuguese and talk to the animals is bound up in the tangled tragic web of the deadly 0 balance our checking accounts always feel so close to touching.

The swirling can’t take your eyes off it condition of the beat mixed with the delicate and damn near heartfelt delivery of the melody make this something that feels like the unforgiving truth and as funny as it is it feels dead ass serious. Other times you catch the Prometheus line just right and shake your head and smile.

Stream the song below: