#ThrowbackThursday album review-R.A.W. by Daz Dillinger

#ThrowbackThursday album review-R.A.W. by Daz Dillinger by Dan-O The first rap album you ever heard…maybe it was Kanye or Jay if you were young, maybe it was The Chronic or something if you’re my age…doesn’t matter. The real question you should be asking; what was the first rap album you owned that you KNEW wasContinue reading “#ThrowbackThursday album review-R.A.W. by Daz Dillinger”

My favorite Snoop Dogg song

Editorial Snoop Dogg featuring Kurupt and Charlie wilson-Up Jump Tha Boogie by Dan-O I grew up in the era of Snoop Dogg. The anticipation on his sophomore album was unrivaled. He dominated the Chronic and his first album was coming out of every headphone in my school, parents hated him and that helped. You knowContinue reading “My favorite Snoop Dogg song”