Mixtape Review-The Program by Cam’ron

Mixtape Review-The Program by Cam’ron by Dan-O I may have been more excited for this mixtape than I have been for any all year. While people can consider Cam out of the spotlight, past his prime, whatever way you want to say rap has “passed him by” I disagree.  1. Rap hasn’t passed him itContinue reading “Mixtape Review-The Program by Cam’ron”

Songs of the year: Vado-Off Hiatus

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC0sTX45tNE Songs of the year: Vado-Off Hiatus by Dan-O Slime Flu 3 is the strangest mixtape of the year so far. Half of it is boring because Vado raps so slow that his punch lines seem to be running through swamp water but the other half is like this. That other half where you catchContinue reading “Songs of the year: Vado-Off Hiatus”

Freestyles to free albums:the songs that got us there

Freestyles to free albums:the songs that got us there by Dan-O If you know Tru Life it could be for the wrong reason, stabbings in 2009, a fatalists relationship to beef dvds. You might remember Jay-Z signing him as Dipset protection never with any intentions to help his career. Tru Life did for a brief time moveContinue reading “Freestyles to free albums:the songs that got us there”