Ranked Discography: Wale (album) edition

Ranked Discography: Wale (album) edition by Dan-O I saw Wale live in Boston in 2008 as the opener in a Rock The Bells concert that changed my wife’s relationship to hip hop forever. He did his song Nike Boots and explained the meaning of it before he performed it. The crowd was doing the festival opener thing,Continue reading “Ranked Discography: Wale (album) edition”

Phil Ade-R.O.S.E.(Result of Society’s Evil) Mixtape Review

Phil Ade-R.O.S.E.(Result of Society’s Evil) Mixtape Review by Dan-O Between R.O.S.E. and Young Moe’s Humble Hustle 2 (https://freemusicempire.com/2013/06/15/young-moe-humble-hustle-2-mixtape-review/)the DMV(Delaware, Maryland, Virginia) have a definite 2013 sound forming. Just because R.O.S.E. has a Kendrick Lamar style cover doesn’t mean all of its content exists in that off tempo Top Dawg zone. Songs like 2am (featuring Bun-B)Continue reading “Phil Ade-R.O.S.E.(Result of Society’s Evil) Mixtape Review”

Young Moe-Humble Hustle 2 mixtape review

Young Moe-Humble Hustle 2 mixtape review by Dan-O Free Music Empire contributor D.L. aptly characterized the goals of Humble Hustle 1 in the last sentence of his review from April of last year (https://freemusicempire.com/2012/04/16/young-moe-humble-hustle-2012/), “Here is a bizarro gangster Trap Rap mixtape that fills in the gaps left by caricature, and shows a real person’sContinue reading “Young Moe-Humble Hustle 2 mixtape review”