EP Review-ONO.MATO.POEI​C by Lorine Chia

EP Review-ONO.MATO.POEI​C by Lorine Chia by Dan-O As the line between R&B and rap fades away you wonder how long that sliver of genius’s sat on the sidelines waiting for a market that fit them. How many great minds went into offices and had to be told they didn’t fit well enough into either categoryContinue reading “EP Review-ONO.MATO.POEI​C by Lorine Chia”

#BandcampGold-Bad Moves EP by Cool Tara

#BandcampGold-Bad Moves EP by Cool Tara by Dan-O This three song set kicked off a pretty cool discussion of the most necessary/underrated parts of a rock band in my house. That’s not coincidence either. While Cool Tara sometimes fall back into the anyone-can-do-this two minute punk song(new ep is going to be 7 songs 18Continue reading “#BandcampGold-Bad Moves EP by Cool Tara”

EP Review-Skate Life by Black Dave

EP Review-Skate Life by Black Dave by Dan-O New York is jam packed with “underground” artists. I throw quotations because some artists choose the stylistic definition of the word and some artists just don’t have what it takes for the spotlight (but really do yearn for it) and are still called underground. Is Rass KassContinue reading “EP Review-Skate Life by Black Dave”


EP Review-PNDCOLOURS by PARTYNEXTDOOR by Dan-O It might be an understatement to call PARTYNEXTDOOR music seductive. His version of the OVO sound has the depth of an infinite space, pulling you deeper into it the more you listen. The bass is trampling and before you know it you’re so lost in the atmospheric splendor thatContinue reading “EP Review-PNDCOLOURS by PARTYNEXTDOOR”

EP Review-Royalty The Prequel by The Dream

EP Review-Royalty The Prequel by The Dream by Dan-O Amidst all the great little R&B mixtapes that have dropped into the universe this year you won’t hear a lot about Royalty. Not for lack of interesting music, by the way, more for the emotional neediness. This is a project so very off-putting that the hitsContinue reading “EP Review-Royalty The Prequel by The Dream”

EP review-OTR2SJ by Scotty ATL

EP review-OTR2SJ by Scotty ATL by Dan-O My blood boils when I hear censored music. By the time the 90’s came around I was arguing with my parents for the permission to listen to rap music. If you turned on the television people were driving steamrollers over my favorite rap album. C. Delores Tucker hadContinue reading “EP review-OTR2SJ by Scotty ATL”

EP review-Sinatra by Vado

EP review-Sinatra by Vado by Dan-O I’ve been doing a lot of traveling recently and getting deep into the mixtapes of the year. Some stand up as glorious and possibly even better than when they came out. Others lose their polish. Sinatra came out earlier in the year and while it was great, everything VadoContinue reading “EP review-Sinatra by Vado”

EP Review-IVRY by 100S

EP Review-IVRY by 100S by Dan-O Pimp rap is a hard thing to explain support of. All you can say is that when it works its amazing. The job of a pimp is to make you choose his or her services, so a great pimp rap musical experience should be just as engaging; something thatContinue reading “EP Review-IVRY by 100S”