Goodbye and Thank You-Prodigy

Goodbye and Thank You-Prodigy by Daniel Olney Anger and depression are the most interesting shows to watch they present the adversity that begs the question; how to overcome it. Entertainers are well aware of this and some of our favorite musicians (rappers being no exceptions) are actors digging through the lovely life they have forContinue reading “Goodbye and Thank You-Prodigy”

Throwback Thursday-The self-destructive finale of Mobb Deep

Throwback Thursday-The self-destructive finale of Mobb Deep by Dan-O So its 2005. Last year Mobb Deep put out Amerikaz Nightmare which was a superb album but destroyed internally by Jay-z who pulled strings to keep the radio/video play down. 50 Cent signs Mobb Deep which is a pretty big deal because his first album inContinue reading “Throwback Thursday-The self-destructive finale of Mobb Deep”