Song review-Nipsey by Trae The Truth

Song review-Nipsey by Trae The Truth by Dan-O I do not feel well. Generally, I am not a neurotic person. My mind is something I manage assertively but the beat on Trae The Truth’s song Nipsey sounds like the buzzing in my head ever since Nip passed. The light piano is the ever-present weeping ofContinue reading “Song review-Nipsey by Trae The Truth”

#Bandcampgold-That’s The World by Anti-Lilly and Phoniks

#Bandcampgold-That’s The World by Anti-Lilly and Phoniks by Dan-O Being a philosophical person isn’t that fun. It’s thousands of persisting strands of concern intersecting and reproducing. This is part of the reason that dumb rappers tend to make albums that are more fun (depends on how you define fun). Fake deep hits the listeners sweetContinue reading “#Bandcampgold-That’s The World by Anti-Lilly and Phoniks”

Song of The Year-I’ll Be Fine by Trae The Truth

Song of The Year-I’ll Be Fine by Trae The Truth by Dan-O More than any project before his new album Hometown Hero represents the uniqueness of Trae The Truth. His voice has always been raspy, stabbing, and relentless a fantastic guest feature flow to shake you from your comfort zone. Hometown Hero dresses itself toContinue reading “Song of The Year-I’ll Be Fine by Trae The Truth”

#Bandcampgold-MacGregor Park by Fat Tony

#Bandcampgold-MacGregor Park by Fat Tony by Dan-O The bandcamp description says Fat Tony read a book on Houston hip hop and found out that the first rap single ever released in Houston was called MacGregor Park, which is where the title track and name of this album come from. The resulting eight track project isContinue reading “#Bandcampgold-MacGregor Park by Fat Tony”

Album recommendation of the week-Lorraine Motel by Killa Kyleon

Album recommendation of the week-Lorraine Motel by Killa Kyleon by Dan-O Socially conscious rap music is filled with misinformation. First point-you don’t have to be a social scientist/genius to construct a meaningful album with a socially conscious message. Do not listen to anyone’s album for the answers on life; this is their art and perspectiveContinue reading “Album recommendation of the week-Lorraine Motel by Killa Kyleon”

Six Degrees of Drake

Six Degrees of Drake by Dan-O The widespread success of Drake has caused the spread of a new sound. Does anyone remember when Ghostface Killah started doing sing heavy hooks and it was controversial? People were mad and questioning how hardcore his music was…now being able to sing or fake sing the chorus (sometimes severalContinue reading “Six Degrees of Drake”

Song Review-Fathers Day by Propain produced by Donnie Houston

Song Review-Fathers Day by Propain produced by Donnie Houston by Dan-O For those not emotionally in touch with the subject matter this song deals with it may seem emotionally extreme. The loss of your father from your life (not due to death but knucklehead events) builds a savage hostility within that child that rather thanContinue reading “Song Review-Fathers Day by Propain produced by Donnie Houston”

Mookie Jones-Mack

Mookie Jones-Mack by Dan O More than a few reasonable people would like to edit The Mack out of blaxploitation history along with the pimp rap it spawned. If hip hop is a culture it’s undoubtedly a family as well full of cousins you brag about and uncles you NEVER speak too. Pimp rap isContinue reading “Mookie Jones-Mack”