FREEMUSICEMPIRE MVP OF 2018 IS ROC MARCIANO by Dan-O I was sitting with a table of people I respect. All involved are my age within five years. We were talking about music this year and they launched into how great Eminem is and his beef with MGK. It was difficult to find the wordsContinue reading “FREEMUSICEMPIRE MVP OF 2018 IS ROC MARCIANO”

Song Review-Marksmen by Roc Marciano featuring Ka produced by Arch Druids

Song Review-Marksmen by Roc Marciano featuring Ka produced by Arch Druids by Dan-O I don’t think any song on the new Joey Bada$$ album (All-Amerikkkan Bada$$) is as important as him going to Hot 97 and telling them NY radio hasn’t grown. He was correct but I would have changed the ageism laced in hisContinue reading “Song Review-Marksmen by Roc Marciano featuring Ka produced by Arch Druids”

Song of the year-Just by KA

Song of the year-Just by KA by Dan-O I wonder how hard most of the reviewers who now lavish praise on KA yearly work to understand what he is saying? It is VERY easy to get spun into his dimension and float on a sea of jagged found sounds (those out of control jingle bellsContinue reading “Song of the year-Just by KA”

The Investigation into Dr. Yen Lo

The Investigation into Dr. Yen Lo by Dan-O At first the new release(Days with Dr. Yen Lo) from Ka and his fits-like-a-glove producer Preservation might just seem like music to go crazy alongside (or because of) and in a way it is but it’s in a very unique way that must be looked into and understood.Continue reading “The Investigation into Dr. Yen Lo”

SOTY-Peace Akhi by KA (AOTY The Night’s Gambit)

SOTY-Peace Akhi by KA (AOTY The Night’s Gambit) by Dan-O The reason I loved KA’s 2012 lp Grief Pedigree is that he sounded like a war worn weary ex-criminal grandfather blazing street tale after street tale through visceral poetic imagery. If Grief Pedigree is the work of a retired street soldier, The Night’s Gambit isContinue reading “SOTY-Peace Akhi by KA (AOTY The Night’s Gambit)”

The Answer(to that guy)

The Answer Patience by Ka written by Dan-O At most social events I run into that one guy. That guy who with a light buzz going wants to tell me about the sorry state of hip hop. He explains that it’s a lean sipping suicide pact between tight jeaned hooligans making songs so they canContinue reading “The Answer(to that guy)”