Mixtape Review-The Motivational Speech by Curren$y & Lex Luger

Mixtape Review-The Motivational Speech by Curren$y & Lex Luger by Dan-O Simple story: 2 critically important figures in the history of hip hop link up and prove to the world why they had the power to change it in the first place. If you roll back through Luger’s best beats none of them are timestampedContinue reading “Mixtape Review-The Motivational Speech by Curren$y & Lex Luger”

Mixtape Review-Black Dollar by Rick Ross

Mixtape Review-Black Dollar by Rick Ross by Dan-O Rick Ross has been artistically splitting in half recently.  The dirty Miami bass of Hood Billionaire v. the wordy luxury of God Forgives, I Don’t. The smooth J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Yacht Club sound of Deeper Than Rap v. the deep growling muscle of Lex Luger’s production on TheContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Black Dollar by Rick Ross”

Classic Relisten: The Albert Anastasia EP by Rick Ross

Classic Relisten: The Albert Anastasia EP by Rick Ross by Dan-O I know some very intelligent hip hop fans that can’t comprehend what makes Rick Ross so darn popular. They see the cartoonish imagery of a man wearing a gold medallion of his own face, making up mob stories and passing them all off asContinue reading “Classic Relisten: The Albert Anastasia EP by Rick Ross”

Mixtape Review-King Chip-44108

Mixtape Review-King Chip-44108 by Dan-O Who is King Chip? He’s the sound coming through the weed smoke in fleets of Fleetwoods, the head nodding stimuli in clusters of Caddy’s all throughout the Midwest. Before his new mixtape 44108 came out I felt like it was going to be important. I was nervous. Chip is notContinue reading “Mixtape Review-King Chip-44108”

Project Pat-Cheez N Dope mixtape review

Project Pat-Cheez N Dope mixtape review by Dan-O History is not always written by the winners. Sometimes it gets written by random people. For most of my generation all narratives formed about hip hop were written from New York publications, often times about New York Hip Hop. Once Southern hip hop took over the radioContinue reading “Project Pat-Cheez N Dope mixtape review”

Curren$y-New Jet City review

Curren$y-New Jet City review by Dan-O So many rappers have claimed a link between their lyrics and the novels of Donald Goines. I don’t think any of them do it as a shallow reputation boost, Goines is still the biggest selling African American author in history…a jailed genius who spun ghetto landscape into Shakespearean tragedy.Continue reading “Curren$y-New Jet City review”