Albums of The Year so far p.1

Albums of The Year so far p.1 by Dan-O Since this site started in 2011 we have never posted a list. At best, posting the list distracts from a focus on good art. It moves the readers eye towards the numerical ranking aspect. At worst, It becomes an arbitrary insult that leaves every project notContinue reading “Albums of The Year so far p.1”

Fight for The Future of Lil Uzi Vert

Fight for The Future of Lil Uzi Vert by Dan-O We complain a lot. All of us do. In Hip Hop, we get mad at youngsters for not doing what the older generations would do. Real rapĀ problems exist: loss of interesting word usage, too much of a focus on ad-libs, drug addiction creating a generationContinue reading “Fight for The Future of Lil Uzi Vert”

R.I.P. Mac Miller playlist

R.I.P. Mac Miller playlist by Dan-O I got the text that he was gone while my son was telling me one of those toddler stories with no start orĀ end. As he kept adding “and then” to extend I braced myself in the doorway and looked out my front door, really struck, trying to figure outContinue reading “R.I.P. Mac Miller playlist”

Song Review-Violet Vibrato by B.O.B.

Song Review-Violet Vibrato by B.O.B. by Dan-O B.O.B. is rebuilding himself and he’s going to have to do it much like Mac Miller did; brick by brick with no one’s help. From the very first collection of songs he put out B.O.B. has been musically endearing, lacing songs full of buttery melody and upbeat syrupyContinue reading “Song Review-Violet Vibrato by B.O.B.”

Mixtape Review-Finesse The World by Retchy P

Mixtape Review-Finesse The World by Retchy P by Dan-O The easy way to say it is that hip hop needs villains but the statement is incomplete. Hip hop is one of the few genres not just able to readily produce villains but to create albums and mixtapes that speak from the perspective of the villain.Continue reading “Mixtape Review-Finesse The World by Retchy P”