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Mixtape Review-Fuk What They Talkin’ Bout by Tyga

Mixtape Review-Fuk What They Talkin’ Bout by Tyga

by Dan-O

I didn’t realize that I hated Tyga until I came across some internet list about hip hop’s most punchable faces and he was number one. I spoke to some wise music people in my circle and they confirmed…they would love to punch Tyga in the face. Maybe not love rather they would feel the obligation. His new mixtape Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout confirms that he’s seen these lists and really enjoys how punchable he is.

How intentionally annoying is Tyga? I will tell you that every single S on the back of the track list is replaced by the dollar sign. This is only the beginning. He has that pipsqueak voice that the kid in school had who started all kinds of fights but ran from every single one. The sex imagery is downright horrifying. On Stimulated he manages to make bank transactions into ugly bumpin’ with the chorus (repeated over and over) “I’m at the bank I’m penetrating, I’m putting in I’m penetratin’ I’m getting big I’m stimulated.” Can you imagine this poor teller? As he’s making his O face and handing his deposit slip over, he’s found some way to make this normal part of life lurid enough to hold his erections attention. In the verses he goes from knocking down beauties to pistol whipping enemies so briskly (and without description) that it comes off as the fakest stuff ever written. It’s not just that the braggadocio comes off as power fantasy; it’s the lack of imagination his fantasy generates.

The other shockingly offensive “what an a-hole” moment is Turbans. Where he promises to “throw the hoody on like a turban” making a joke out of not just the deaths of black people in hoodies (why is it ok for white people to just say they are afraid of black dudes in hoodies? We never seem to respond as a group “WTF!”) but the discrimination that Arabic and Muslim people have to deal with. It’s not like we get a payoff for this annoyingly childish comparison, it’s just two minutes and forty five seconds of Tyga attempting his mini-Wayne flow. On Ice Cream Man he compares women to hungry hippos and chunky monkey without really adding any perspective to the images. He just seems to shoot things out there and do his best to connect them to how he’s awesome. That’s how we get dumb stuff like “I like my Pie A La Mode!” which is an actual interjection yelled during this project.

The other really annoying part of Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout is all the implications that he is somehow comparable to Michael Jackson and 2pac. He puts interludes from both of them called A Voice 4rm Heaven, pt. 1 (features 2pac declaring that he retains faith even in the bad times. The difference of course is that while bad times for Pac were five shots to the chest, what are bad times for Tyga? Ugly Instagram exchange? Bad pictures of you and Kylie Jenner in the tabloids?) A Voice 4rm Heaven pt. 2 is Michael Jackson laying out the media conspiracy to ruin his career.

Tyga forces these comparisons with songs like Death Row Chain. In the song Scandal he declares that he’s “the reincarnated Michael Jackson”.  He struggles to create an air of “enemies out to get me” on Rap Star (I will not use these dollar signs, sorry buddy). None of it makes sense; Tyga never articulates any activity that would inspire murderous enemies; unless he’s being hunted by disgusted bank tellers.   I can’t even remember which song it is where he brags about watching his girl masturbate…maybe I blocked it out (Master Suite). It makes my head hurt. The notion that you would impress listeners by painting a mental image of you giggling, drinking Sunny Delight, watching your girl masturbate is so outrageous that I’m pretty sure he’s in on it. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to be the Ty Cobb of this rap landscape and you know what…I’m down. Tyga is so offensive and churlish and slimy that I hate his rap persona…but I kind of love hating it.

Stream or download Fuk What They Talkin’ Bout below(at your own risk!):


Song of The Year- Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd

Song of The Year- Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd

by Dan-O

I am very excited to sit back and watch all the critics who buried The Weeknd two years ago do a pirouette into Abel Tesfaye appreciation. Compare him to Michael Jackson or Prince if you want. You should never have given up on him so easily. We all rocked House of Balloons in 2011. It was a mixtape moon landing that changed the game…where did you think that genius went?

Anyway, the task that Beauty Behind The Madness tackles is going pop respectfully. Translating the deep hurt and jarring imagery into something that can play on everyone’s radio. Instead of rap features we get Lana Del Ray and Ed Sheeran (the only guests). I don’t think Can’t Feel My Face is my favorite song on the album but it’s a smash. I think Shameless is a more beautiful and intelligently written song but Can’t Feel My Face achieves a forward momentum that we didn’t know was in Abel’s arsenal. The reason people jumped off the bandwagon originally was that listening to The Weeknd felt like something you only did at your lowest point on a rainy day, otherwise you get lost in depression town with a long work day ahead. Can’t Feel My Face is the best example of polishing scary content until it’s too fun to worry about. Even more than Future’s DS2 and that’s saying something.

It’s exciting that he’s taken back this maudlin drugged up party kid character and updated him…because this is his character. I always felt weird hearing other people borrow from the persona while we acted like that’s ok. Now that he’s back dropping gems again, it’s like he says on Tell Your Friends (my favorite song) “Last year I did all the politicking, this year I’mma focus on the vision.” When The Weeknd is all vision the outcome is always something to behold.