Mixtape review-Drunken Babble by Kalie Uchis

Mixtape review-Drunken Babble by Kalie Uchis by Dan-O It is possible I have fallen so hard for Kali Uchis music because of her diction. I think her diction is better than mine has ever been in the 3,849 years I’ve been on this planet (long story).  In 2012 she released the mixtape collection Drunken Babble producedContinue reading “Mixtape review-Drunken Babble by Kalie Uchis”

Mixtape review-ILOVEMAKONNEN x Ronny J

Mixtape review-ILOVEMAKONNEN x Ronny J by Dan-O Makonnen is so much better in an unorthodox state. Whenever he tries to fit the traditional role of rapper or R & B singer he ends up sounding very out of sorts. I think he is at the very cutting edge of making music that achieves bits ofContinue reading “Mixtape review-ILOVEMAKONNEN x Ronny J”

How audiomack links taught me to relax and embrace Dom Kennedy p.3

The Yellow Album ————————————————————————————————————————————— by Dan-O For proof positive that you are listening to an artist with the potential for pop rap stardom not just hip hop notoriety press play; The Yellow Album sounds like a platinum seller that should be in every Target you step in. An easy to way to judge this isContinue reading “How audiomack links taught me to relax and embrace Dom Kennedy p.3”

Mixtape Review-Gold Bottles by Ziggy x C-Note

Mixtape Review-Gold Bottles by Ziggy x C-Note by Dan-O My family loves the movie Tombstone. It’s not the greatest movie of all time but we can never seem to look away. The mustaches, the camera angles, the Shakespearean arc of Ringo and Doc Holiday just work. Everything is in the right place.I can name fiftyContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Gold Bottles by Ziggy x C-Note”

Mixtape Review-Fukk Fame by Frenchie

Mixtape Review-Fukk Fame by Frenchie by Dan-O Everybody has one of those cheesy action movies they just love. For a buddy of mine it’s Hudson Hawk. For me it’s The Last Boy Scout with Damon Wayans and Bruce Willis. This year Frenchie’s Fukk Fame is the mixtape equivalent. It’s soaked in autotune, a brisk tenContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Fukk Fame by Frenchie”

Mixtape Review-Zero Fucks Given by Emilio Rojas

Mixtape Review-Zero Fucks Given by Emilio Rojas by Dan-O The first song of every single Emilio Rojas project is absolute fire. He starts off things the way Ice Cube used too with that “EVERYBODY MAKE WAY I AM ABOUT TO DOMINATE” song. He does it yet again on his new mixtape Zero Fucks Given “NobodyContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Zero Fucks Given by Emilio Rojas”

Mixtape Review-Real Nigga Shit by Kolley

Mixtape Review-Real Nigga Shit by Kolley While it’s easier to be a Southern rapper than it ever has been, it really depends on how Southern you are considered. UGK and Outkast are deeply embedded in the public mind as architects of the south. If you ask the same hip hop elitist who reps these groupsContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Real Nigga Shit by Kolley”

Song of The Year-OMG by Young Thug

Song of The Year-OMG by Young Thug by Dan-O If you are a Trap-a-holic, DJ Scream, DJ Holiday, Trap aficionado I know you love Young Thug. You must since not much else is going on. Waka, Frenchie and his team have been serving up underwhelming efforts all year while Gucci Mane is a part ofContinue reading “Song of The Year-OMG by Young Thug”

Song Review-Richer Dad by Sonnie Carson produced by DR Period

Song Review-Richer Dad by Sonnie Carson produced by DR Period by Dan-O When I first heard the mixtape Most Likely to Succeed I started telling everyone about it. Carson has an old school NY tough guy DITC feel to his flow even when he’s rapping about normal things. The contrast between the “I took yourContinue reading “Song Review-Richer Dad by Sonnie Carson produced by DR Period”

Six Degrees of Drake

Six Degrees of Drake by Dan-O The widespread success of Drake has caused the spread of a new sound. Does anyone remember when Ghostface Killah started doing sing heavy hooks and it was controversial? People were mad and questioning how hardcore his music was…now being able to sing or fake sing the chorus (sometimes severalContinue reading “Six Degrees of Drake”