Song review-Nipsey by Trae The Truth

Song review-Nipsey by Trae The Truth by Dan-O I do not feel well. Generally, I am not a neurotic person. My mind is something I manage assertively but the beat on Trae The Truth’s song Nipsey sounds like the buzzing in my head ever since Nip passed. The light piano is the ever-present weeping ofContinue reading “Song review-Nipsey by Trae The Truth”

Five Song Tribute to The Legacy of Nipsey Hussle

Five Song Tribute to The Legacy of Nipsey Hussle by Dan-O The night before Nipsey Hussle was killed I was up later than my family bouncing from Youtube video to Youtube video looking for the right end point to justify going to sleep. The one that sealed the evening was a ten question relationship quizContinue reading “Five Song Tribute to The Legacy of Nipsey Hussle”


FME 2016 MVP HONORABLE MENTION-YG by Dan-O We used to crown “mixtape MVP” but the distinction between mixtape and album is unimportant at this point. Everyone has streaming services and no one pays per album, it is a heartless profit starved reality but it is our reality. YG was almost my pick for 2016 MVPContinue reading “FME 2016 MVP HONORABLE MENTION-YG”

Mixtape Review-Preacher’s Son by Tut

Mixtape Review-Preacher’s Son by Tut by Dan-O In my mind Nipsey Hussle Mailbox Money is the most important mixtape I count as being 2015. Preacher’s Son is right after it. So many narratives come out of the first few listens that you can’t help but keep pursuing them. The battle between the knucklehead Tut whoContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Preacher’s Son by Tut”

Mixtape Review-Mailbox Money by Nipsey Hussle

Mixtape Review-Mailbox Money by Nipsey Hussle by Dan-O I have said things about Nipsey Hussle like “If he broke in the 90’s he would be just another West Coast Gangsta rapper,” or “I don’t know why everyone cares so much about Nipsey Hussle?” Scarface turned it all around for me. In an interview he didContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Mailbox Money by Nipsey Hussle”