#Bandcampgold-Green Parakeet Suite by Davis

 #Bandcampgold-Green Parakeet Suite by Davis by Dan-O Chance The Rapper mocks 90’s hardcore hip hop in a way that ruffles my feathers. He clowns 90’s Gangsta Rap for being full of phony tough guys acting the part. He’s making the point that being genuinely silly or conscious is better than being artificially thug but that’sContinue reading “#Bandcampgold-Green Parakeet Suite by Davis”

#MarkTheDate-May The Super MC Super Producer Full Album Never Die

#MarkTheDate-May The Super MC Super Producer Full Album Never Die by Dan-O Two very important albums by legendary producer-rapper pairings have been announced. Both are scheduled to come out soon but not soon enough. Both are coming out on Mello Music Group who tomorrow will release an album by Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers.  #MarkTheDate is designedContinue reading “#MarkTheDate-May The Super MC Super Producer Full Album Never Die”

Mixtape Review-The Program by Cam’ron

Mixtape Review-The Program by Cam’ron by Dan-O I may have been more excited for this mixtape than I have been for any all year. While people can consider Cam out of the spotlight, past his prime, whatever way you want to say rap has “passed him by” I disagree.  1. Rap hasn’t passed him itContinue reading “Mixtape Review-The Program by Cam’ron”

Song Review-Gone Girl by Vado produced by Deelockit313 & Mandalae Didd

Song Review-Gone Girl by Vado produced by Deelockit313 & Mandalae Didd by Dan-O I’ve always thought it was strange that the NY goon rappers of old would wear Godfather persona’s and lecture (or sometimes just shout) about respect and honor and loyalty, then snicker at how dirty they were doing the women they were dating.Continue reading “Song Review-Gone Girl by Vado produced by Deelockit313 & Mandalae Didd”

EP review-Sinatra by Vado

EP review-Sinatra by Vado by Dan-O I’ve been doing a lot of traveling recently and getting deep into the mixtapes of the year. Some stand up as glorious and possibly even better than when they came out. Others lose their polish. Sinatra came out earlier in the year and while it was great, everything VadoContinue reading “EP review-Sinatra by Vado”