Song of The Year-College Girls by P-Lo featuring Skizzy Mars

Song of The Year-College Girls by P-Lo featuring Skizzy Mars By Dan-O People who love fun hip pop music were a little let down by Lil Yachty’s debut album Teenage Emotions which turned out to be oppressively long and confusingly muddled with several elements that don’t serve Yachty well. If you are looking for theContinue reading “Song of The Year-College Girls by P-Lo featuring Skizzy Mars”


FME 2016 MVP HONORABLE MENTION-YG by Dan-O We used to crown “mixtape MVP” but the distinction between mixtape and album is unimportant at this point. Everyone has streaming services and no one pays per album, it is a heartless profit starved reality but it is our reality. YG was almost my pick for 2016 MVPContinue reading “FME 2016 MVP HONORABLE MENTION-YG”

Mixtape Review-HBK Gang-Gang Forever

Mixtape Review-HBK Gang-Gang Forever by Dan-O I can think of a lot of things the HBK Gang compilation isn’t. It’s not a taut concept record, something that feels like an album given for free. At the same time it’s certainly not a lazy collection of freestyles. The only thing I can think to compare itContinue reading “Mixtape Review-HBK Gang-Gang Forever”