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Song Review-Who Want It by David Banner featuring Black Thought & WatchtheDuck produced by THX


Song Review-Who Want It by David Banner featuring Black Thought & WatchtheDuck produced by THX


by Dan-O

No one is dumber than me on the subject of Black Thought. While I love and admire The Roots discography and hang on every new release the way nearly every hip hop head of my generation does…I have no idea where Black Thought goes in the history of lyricists.

I’ve always thought that he wasn’t consistent and some Roots albums he was on the throne while others he was fulfilling a commitment limply but he has inarguable one of a kind marks on his resume. He is the only MC on Big Pun’s Capital Punishment who holds up next to Pun and that is saying a lot if you know the guest list on that album. Who Want It is another example of that Black Thought. This is very much a Banned From TV style ugly posse cut beat and Black Thought lays a verse you just have to hear. When he says “I smash the vocal booth and turn back to David Banner, N!” I was terrified. How is Banner gonna follow that?!  I would likely be shaking with terror.

David Banner is a truly wild dude. The album this song is on is called The God Box and you can call it conscious if you want. It is large print rap star conspiracy theory/paranoia/racial dialogue. No sleepy piano beats where he whispers thoughtful advice to his audience. He roars warnings and this song is a perfect example. He jumps into the historical rape of black women and personalizes it. He pulls in the death of notable black genius’s like Prince “They tell us that it’s drugs or suicide and sweep that sh_t under the rug.” Whether I agree with David Banner or not isn’t the point (and I do a lot of the time). God Box has fifteen songs and on every verse you believe Banner believes. Some songs will make you uncomfortable if your white and too comfortable (Elvis) but it is a heck of an experience. Banner isn’t the G.O.A.T. bar for bar but he is an incredible producer so he has a brilliant ear and God Box sounds like nothing out there. He also fills all space vocally with thought provocation and I have had a soft spot for that since KRS.

If you love hip hop this is your jam. If it sounds old school to you grab that Freshman XXL cover and look up some mixtapes that can transport you to a land of pleasant robot voice hooks and love songs. To each their own.


Song of The Year-Movin’ Bass by Rick Ross featuring Jay-Z produced by Timbaland

Song of The Year-Movin’ Bass by Rick Ross featuring Jay-Z produced by Timbaland

by Dan-O

I think my dream collaboration album would be Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Drake. Look at the songs they have all made together over the last few years! The difference in a Jay guest appearance on a Ross, Drake, or Jeezy song vs. the usual is Clark Kent vs. Superman. When people go nuts that someone killed Jay on a track, sometimes the song or the artist just doesn’t do much for Jay. Ross always pushes the perfect buttons to give us the outcome we desire. Even though Jay is just chorus laying and whisper doubling Ross at times he’s integral to the song and sounds excited about it.

The album this song appears on is Hood Billionaire and it’s kind of awesome. The bass is sensational all the way through and this feels like mixtape Ross; paranoid and sneering looking out of the window with weapon in hand. Jay snarls the chorus out like its 1997 and he’s prepared to pounce. Ross is the reason. That overwhelming desire to succeed that causes you to churn out music on an endless loop, to tour and do videos until you pass out of exhaustion is something he sees himself in.

These two go together so well this might not be your favorite Ross/Jigga collab of 2014. Early this year Ross dropped Mastermind with Devil is a Lie as a collaborative centerpiece between the two. That song is amazing as well and clearly the best song on the project. The difference this time is 1. The beat is better 2. The album is better 3. The album seems to grow around this song as its middle rather than fall into its shadow.