The Greatest Name-Checker in Rap History

The Greatest Name-Checker in Rap History by Dan-O The Game put out a new album(Born 2 Rap) that is not great. He takes samples from high profile songs and says Nicki’s name a bunch because he wants to have sex with her still (he’s been saying thirsty things about Nicki for YEARS). He talks aboutContinue reading “The Greatest Name-Checker in Rap History”

Mixtape Review-Happy Belated by Chaz French

Mixtape Review-Happy Belated by Chaz French by Dan-O This morning I looked out my window and it was fall. Through the thick damp fog I could see the fresh wet leaves coating the ground with contrasting colors observing how sadly beautiful it was and said “It’s a Chaz French kind of day.” Like fall his newContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Happy Belated by Chaz French”