Mixtape Review-Savage Holidays by Boosie Badazz

Mixtape Review-Savage Holidays by Boosie Badazz by Dan-O Savage Holidays is the greatest Christmas rap album of all time. The ability of Boosie to be able to take his superpower (turning painful stories/imagery into stadium sized anthems) and apply it to the holiday season is nothing short of exhilarating. It is not just his pain either. At the endContinue reading “Mixtape Review-Savage Holidays by Boosie Badazz”

FME 2016 MVP is Boosie Badazz

FME 2016 MVP is Boosie Badazz by Dan-O Most of my frustration with music reviews stems from people judging influence in the moment. We can look back and understand the influence great albums or artists had on previous eras but anyone telling you the influence someone right now is having on the world right now…isContinue reading “FME 2016 MVP is Boosie Badazz”

Song of The Year-Daddy by Rich Homie Quan

Song of The Year-Daddy by Rich Homie Quan by Dan-O The newest mixtape from the Rich Gang graduate is called If You Ever Think I Will Stop Goin’ In Ask RR and while it has no concern for cohesion or quality control it succeeds at what it wants to do. The important thing for RichContinue reading “Song of The Year-Daddy by Rich Homie Quan”


2014 FME MIXTAPE MVP=SHY GLIZZY by Dan-O Usually someone dominates the mixtape scene; this goes all the way back to 50 Cent clearing the landscape and being the name on everyone’s lips. 2014 wasn’t the year for that. Most artists figured out that a tipping point exists where beyond a certain amount of content youContinue reading “2014 FME MIXTAPE MVP=SHY GLIZZY”

Song Review-730 by Young Thug

Song Review-730 by Young Thug by Dan-O Young Thug’s takeover of the weirdo trap rap game in 2014 hip hop often times feels like a victory for gibberish and funny noises. It’s a bit surreal to read reviews of Riff Raff that criticize him for being silly and nonsensical when Young Thug is making hits withContinue reading “Song Review-730 by Young Thug”