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Sample Snitch: The exciting G Funk perfection of All Eyez On Me

Sample Snitch: The exciting G Funk perfection of All Eyez On Me

by Dan-O

All Eyez On Me is the best double album in the history of hip hop. That is not a hot take.  If you listen very carefully it is not the dark foreboding cryptic record Makaveli is perceived to be. It is fun and fully engages its female audience in a way we all keep saying “didn’t happen in the 90’s or really before Kanye/Drake”.  On Run Tha Streetz he actually starts a verse by giving women advice on how to keep “a playa” and this was NOT the norm. Even songs that may seem misogynistic are interesting to look at from a perspective analysis. Wonda Why They Call U B___ is maligned but think about the phrasing of it, the song is directed right at his female audience. When Too Short made songs about B’s he was talking to his homies, obviously male listeners, fellow pimps/hustlers that was his constituency. 2pac understood he had a deeper female fanbase than other rappers (possibly because of emotional/personal content in the past or songs with complex/empathetic female characters like in Can U Get Away off Me Against The World) .  He wanted to explain his logic to them so they would understand his perspective and he wanted to explain groupies to them on All About U.

The reason some of the depth gets lost is that this album slaps from front to back. If you look at the samples listing the source songs is the absolute best funk playlist of all time. Rather Be Ya N_ samples I’d Rather Be With You by Bootsy Collins. A song so legendary it has been sampled from 1991(N.W.A.-I’d Rather F*** You) through 2016 (Childish Gambino-Redbone).  The baseline from Never Gonna Stop by Linda Clifford is instantly recognizable not just as the backbone for the title track on this album but the meat of Nas-Street Dreams song off It Was Written. One of my favorite songs from All Eyez On Me was always Check Out Time because of how insane it was that I was listening to a song about my favorite rappers checking out of a hotel.  That sample is Candy Rain by Soul For Real who were a new jack swing act on Uptown Records alongside Heavy D & Guy. You’ll find multiple Roger Troutman and P-Funk samples. Whatz Ya Phone# pulls from a long crazy song by The Time called 777-9311. Darling Nikki is present on Heartz of Men, all of the music sampled moves at a legendary pace. 2pac wanted a party record that could double as his last will and testament.

He takes I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl) by Instant Funk and concocts the deeply meditative posse cut Got My Mind Made Up featuring Daz, Method Man, and Redman. No sleepy jazz samples or minimalism, All Eyez On Me is maximalist funk pulled through the Makaveli paranoid awareness.  When he wants to slow down he pulls the heartbreak right from the melody of Brandy by The O’Jays and infuses it in the chorus and content of Life Goes On. At an hour and ten minutes it is still supernaturally well-paced because the subtle groove of Life Goes On becomes the menacing braggadocio of Ain’t Hard 2 Find.  His words are magnificent but we shouldn’t forget the magic carpet of funk that brings him there.

Remember Curtis Mayfield helped produce this song


Slap the taste out of anyone who talks down to Bootsy…do it for hip hop.


EP Review-IVRY by 100S

EP Review-IVRY by 100S

by Dan-O

Pimp rap is a hard thing to explain support of. All you can say is that when it works its amazing. The job of a pimp is to make you choose his or her services, so a great pimp rap musical experience should be just as engaging; something that sucks you in and draws you to its center as if by hypnosis(at the very least manipulation).

The production on IVRY distills elements of ratchet, funk, cloud rap, and anything else that will seduce listeners into the 100S world. The sound of IVRY is so important this project has five executive producers (three of which have production credits). 100s is not only one of the executive producers but one who shares two credits on songs that straddle styles. One of them is Thru My Veins which is 50% cold blooded bluster “Perm on my back, rolllin’ through these streets never pack heat I shoot when I spit…” and 50% super catchy chorus. It has a lot of the open reverberating space that cloud rap had but with a blustery 808 build you might associate with the trap sound. F*ckin Around is the other one he had a direct hand in and it’s the first moment you can stop and say Roger Troutman would have loved this song. West coast funk is deeper than Dr. Dre it goes back to Con Funk Shun and beyond and this song carries it all. While the funk bubbles 100S stays in pocket with harsh rhymes like “Who said the best things in life are free must have never met a mother#$%@* like me!”

Different Type of Love will transport you to that post-disco R&B Rick James frame of mind as if Daft Punk and DJ Quik merged power sources. These songs are so unexplainably catchy. You can play them in a car with whoever and they will just sing along never thinking about what the heck they are actually saying. IVRY is a total of eight songs and at least three feel like solid gold West Coast smash hits that should have been in my mp3 player years ago. All the rest fit from the intro to the last track. People have been trying to tell me about 100S (FME Contributor DL for one) but I was never swayed either way until I first heard the cooing chorus of Middle of The Night over that amazing drum pattern. I remember thinking, “Wow, now I have to go back and listen to Ice Cold Perm again.” Better late than never there.

Stream or download IVRY below: