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Song of The Year- Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd

Song of The Year- Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd

by Dan-O

I am very excited to sit back and watch all the critics who buried The Weeknd two years ago do a pirouette into Abel Tesfaye appreciation. Compare him to Michael Jackson or Prince if you want. You should never have given up on him so easily. We all rocked House of Balloons in 2011. It was a mixtape moon landing that changed the game…where did you think that genius went?

Anyway, the task that Beauty Behind The Madness tackles is going pop respectfully. Translating the deep hurt and jarring imagery into something that can play on everyone’s radio. Instead of rap features we get Lana Del Ray and Ed Sheeran (the only guests). I don’t think Can’t Feel My Face is my favorite song on the album but it’s a smash. I think Shameless is a more beautiful and intelligently written song but Can’t Feel My Face achieves a forward momentum that we didn’t know was in Abel’s arsenal. The reason people jumped off the bandwagon originally was that listening to The Weeknd felt like something you only did at your lowest point on a rainy day, otherwise you get lost in depression town with a long work day ahead. Can’t Feel My Face is the best example of polishing scary content until it’s too fun to worry about. Even more than Future’s DS2 and that’s saying something.

It’s exciting that he’s taken back this maudlin drugged up party kid character and updated him…because this is his character. I always felt weird hearing other people borrow from the persona while we acted like that’s ok. Now that he’s back dropping gems again, it’s like he says on Tell Your Friends (my favorite song) “Last year I did all the politicking, this year I’mma focus on the vision.” When The Weeknd is all vision the outcome is always something to behold.

Song Review-What You Need (The Weeknd Cover) by Kwamie Liv

Song Review-What You Need (The Weeknd Cover) by Kwamie Liv

by Dan-O

The 7 song Lost in The Girl EP is more proof that this is the year of the R&B mixtape release. Kwamie Liv pushes her alluring voice in all kinds of cool directions. Lots of the songs have beats that shift and change as if to confound expectations but when the largeness of the sound is held back far enough for you to really hear her voice…its breathtaking; like a gust of cold wind choked out in perfectly desperate and deliberate diction.

A great cover song raises everyone’s stock. This song made me want as much Kwamie Liv as I could get my hands on (that was not creepy, stop it). Beyond that, the precision she puts into it really highlights the brilliance of Abel Tesfaye’s (Weeknd’s real name) songwriting. What You Need is the scariest flipping song in modern R&B history (for those of us who are not sexually predatory) which makes it the ideal centerpiece for his monstrous debut mixtape House of Balloons. No matter what you think about current Weeknd content no one can take away the importance of this song and what it did for the genre.

If you get through this and love it like I did do two things. 1. Reload House of Balloons in your phone/mp3 player/lawnmower and think about all the artists who borrowed Abel’s style. 2. Download Lost in The Girl EP (http://www.djbooth.net/index/albums/review/kwamie-liv-lost-in-the-girl#!bG5i5r) and enjoy all the different tempos of whistful Kwamie Liv you can get. You won’t be let down.